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Big Enemies[edit]

Psychic 5 enemy Clock big.png

Tough enemies which take a kid (without P power) 2 to 9 hits to destroy. Hitting it will stun it for a while, during which you can walk safely through it. They release small enemies; there is a maximum number of small enemies each big enemy will release at one time.

On the map are invisible trigger points. Passing through these points will cause corresponding big enemies to appear. Conversely, there are 'magic spots', passing through which will cause corresponding big enemies to vanish. In some areas, finding and using the magic spots is of great aid to the player. Sometimes it does not suffice to jump or fall through the magic spot; one has to stay stationary at the spot for a brief while in order to banish the enemy.

It is often not to one's advantage to try to destroy a big enemy, especially when one's attack strength is low relative to the enemy's toughness. The player may not want to waste time, and a big enemy soon regenerates after being destroyed, and many enemies can be easily evaded - thanks to the mighty hovering.

The various types of enemies will be listed in the respective page for the scene in which the enemy first appears.

Small Enemies[edit]

Psychic 5 enemy Clock small.png

Small enemies are released from big enemies. One can be destroyed by hitting it once. However, some small enemies are fast and move in tricky patterns, and are dangerous.

Destroying a big enemy (or causing it to vanish) will rid oneself of all small enemies released by it; this is sometimes the safest way of dealing with small enemies, especially when one has high attack strength. Often it is a good idea to avoid all the enemies rather than waste time by getting into needless fights.

Every big enemy is limited to a maximum number of small enemies it can have out at a time. Changing the difficulty setting to "hard" (by the DIP switch) increases this number.

Zara the Witch[edit]

Psychic 5 enemy Zara.png

Zara flies around the scene on her broom. She is responsible for animating the various household items in the place as big and small enemies to attack you. She does not attack by herself; it is safe to touch her.

If you manage to hit Zara, you'll seize and ride her broom for a while. During this time, you are completely invincible to everything, including fires but excluding Satan's fireballs, and all the big enemies become powerless and can be destroyed in one hit. You will automatically be hammering continuously; this hammering does not change the food type found in pots. However, it does often mess up your plans with containers, so be careful. Sometimes it is worth it to sit still and wait for the broom to expire so as to be sure that you don't make a mistake with the containers. While on the broom, you can also push through heavy doors with maximum power.

The broom does not increase your attack strength against Satan, but flying is a big advantage, and stopping other enemies from appearing is another. However, if you hit Zara inside Satan's room, there is the risk that Satan will shoot a fireball at you while Zara is falling and you're mounting the broom. (Fireballs can move during this time, but you can't!) Usually, Zara will fly up and escape when you enter Satan's room.

Zara flies around at a fixed height above you, except when you are near the top of the scene, when Zara will fly below you. Usually, to hit Zara, one makes a big drop in altitude, then jump up to hammer Zara as she swoops down in response. If there is enough room horizontally, one may jump towards Zara when she is approaching to drive her up, then jump again to hit her when she comes back down. It is easier to hit Zara with a fast Esper, and it is easier to hit Zara near the top of the scene, when Zara flies past you while switching from "fly below you" mode to "fly above you" mode or vice versa. Stop icons are also often used to stop and hit Zara.

Satan the Devil[edit]

The objective of our brave Espers for entering the scenes is to smash Satan. Satan sits on his throne and throws fireballs at the player from his right hand once the player enters his room. Many enemies appear to protect him, and in later scenes there may be tricky terrain too. It is safe to touch (any part of) Satan, but not his fireballs.

To destroy Satan, you need to hammer his head or torso. After some number of hits, Satan will no longer throw any more fireballs, and after yet more hits, Satan will be destroyed and you clear the scene.

The speed of a fireball is directly proportional to the distance between his hand and you when the fireball is being launched. If you keep getting scorched by fireballs, think about luring fireballs towards safer directions while you are "waiting" (for enemies and moving boxes, etc.).