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Item Points[edit]

See the Items page.


small 100
large 1000

When you destroy a large enemy, all the small enemies released by it are also destroyed, and you get 500 bonus points for each. This bonus is not subject to multiplying. (You do not get the 100 points for destroying them.)

Note: All bonus points listed below are not subject to multiplying.

Satan Destruction Bonus[edit]

When you destroy Satan, you get a fixed bonus of 2000 to 40000 points, determined by the scene number.

You also get a time bonus of 10000 points for each whole minute left on the timer, and 100 points for each spare second.

Scene Clear Bonus[edit]

After adding the bonuses in the previous section, a screen is displayed which tallies the results of your food collection in the scene. You get the following bonus according to the percentage of pieces of food you have collected in each set (type).

Gold 10000
100% 5000
90% 2000
75% 1000
50% 500

In addition, if you manage to get Gold in every set, you get the All Gold Bonus. Failing that, if you get 100% (or Gold) in every set, you get the All 100% Bonus.

All Gold Bonus 50000 x scene#
All 100% Bonus 10000 x scene#

Secret Bonus[edit]

The point value of each Secret Bonus is determined by how many of them you've got, as per the following table:

1 10,000
2 50,000
3 100,000
4 200,000
5 300,000
6 400,000
7 500,000
8 1,000,000

Magical Bonus[edit]

The value depend on how many of these you are getting in a row, without getting an Esper in between. Point values are as follows:

1 10,000
2 50,000
3 100,000
4 500,000
5 1,000,000