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Edgar Teglee is a patient in the asylum undergoing "art" therapy. However, his pictures are ruined by constant drawings of bull fights.

Use the psycho portal on him to enter. He will explain he is trying to build a tower, but he is missing a few cards. In addition, El Odio will continually knock down the house of cards.

After the cutscene, you are grabbed by the bull and thrown to the end of the long alley.

The level is composed of a long alley with four different sections; each representing a suit of a deck of cards. The alley is patrolled by El Odio constantly, and can only be passed by hiding in one of the alleyways and advancing when he is not present.

Queen of Clubs[edit]

After being thrown into an alley, you will need to purchase the alley painting from the painter.

To continue, you will need to collect the Queen of Clubs. This Queen is located in the alley guarded by El Odio.

Move to the second alley, and climb the pole to the top. Use the balconies above to advance.

Look for a floating card on the ground of the main alley. Approach it and enter the painting that it merges with.

You will now fight Tiger. His basic attacks are simple swings mixed with a grab attack. Occasionally, he will drop to all fours in preparation for a pounce. This is best dodged by a levitating jump or shield, and can be attacked without problem when he is stunned afterwards. He is vulnerable to basic attacks and pyrokinesis.

After defeating Tiger, you will receive the card to give to Edgar.

Queen of Hearts[edit]

From the Queen of Clubs, climb the ladder, and shimmy across the pole over the alley. Wait for El Odio to pass, then jump across.

Reach the first alley in the Hearts section - this is opposite of the Queen of Hearts. Try to get the card to fight Dragon.

Dragon's basic attacks are similar to Tiger's. His special attack releases a wave of fire that can only be dodged by levitating or shielding. If the fire is dodged, you can retaliate as well.

After defeating Dragon, go into the alley. Purchase the Guitar painting for 20 arrowheads and place it next to the heart portal. Climb up into the room above, to return to the alley. If desired, you can recover the guitar painting by lowering a fire escape.

Queen of Diamonds[edit]

To reach the Queen of Diamonds, you need to time the run down the alley. Jump onto the two poles, wait for El Odio to pass, then quickly run down using the levitation ball.

Enter the painting to reach Eagle. Eagle will occasionally jump into the air and perform a dive bomb. It can be dodged by a side-jump or with the shield. In either case, Eagle will be stunned after missing.

After defeating Eagle, head down the alley. Purchase the window painting for 55 arrowheads, and climb up the pole. Run along the ledge until you reach the end of the alley, and hang the window painting.

Queen of Spades[edit]

After going to the window, you can increase your maximum projection depth. Jump down to meet the painter, and he will mention that he cannot complete the advertisement for the bull fight.

Climb the nearby ladder, and talk to the Matador to receive the confusion ability.

If you want to increase the maximum projection depth, you will need to use the confusion grenade on El Odio, and have the bullog paint the image while El Odio is confused. El Odio will be confused as soon as he runs into the confusion gas, and will be stunned for a few seconds.

With the confusion grenade, you can now collect the Queen of Spades by fighting Cobra. While Cobra has no special attacks, he is invulnerable unless he is confused.

El Odio[edit]

Return to the sanctuary and give Edgar the necessary cards. The tower will be constructed, but you can now reach the top of the tower, where you will enter the stadium.

First stage[edit]

On El Odio's first stage, use telekinesis to throw the four banderillas at El Odio; he is invulnerable to all other attacks, including the confusion grenades you used earlier. If he charges, you can dodge by jumping to the side.

Second stage[edit]

On this stage, your target is vulnerable to the confusion grenade. Throw the grenade at the target, and quickly follow by throwing one of the banderillas using telekinesis.

The second stage needs to be done within a limited time; while not a fixed countdown timer, you will fail to defeat the second form if you wait too long.

Once you defeat the enemy, you can collect the painting for Dr. Loboto.

Rose paintings[edit]

You can purchase rose painting as well. Hang the painting to collect a rose, and give the rose to the women that hide in the windows.

Roses are not required to complete the area, but can be used to hide in the various windows. Using the Invisibility power will also allow you to hide inside the windows.

Women can be found in the following locations:

  • Clubs section, second alley
  • Clubs section, main alley, ground floor
  • Hearts section, main alley, ground floor
  • Start of Diamonds section, main alley, ground floor


Type Tag Bag
Steamer In the Clubs area, behind a locked gate; throw the trash can on the switch Clubs, second alley
Dufflebag Club area, on a balcony Next to the painter in the Queen of Hearts (behind a closed door). Access by the sewers
Hatbox Diamond area, at painting hanging location Spade area, near the matador. Cross through the fireplace.
Suitcase Spade area, climb the first ladder Accessible behind fireplace in Matador's apartment
Purse In Edgar's sanctuary, on a balcony In Edgar's sanctuary, ground floor


  • One vault is in the sewers.
  • One vault is in the garden accessible by the sewers. To reach it, head to the yellow switch, and use TK to throw the trashcan onto the switch. Use the vine painting to climb up to the garden where the vault is located.

Other items[edit]

  • Near the suitcase, you can pickup a confusion ammo upgrade: you can carry one additional confusion grenade.
  • Ammo upgrade - High up, using levitation to jump back down the bull's alley from the two-tiered balcony with a levered fire escape next to the hearts painting.


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  • 3 in first area
  • 6 in second Clubs alley
  • 1 by placing the window painting near the Queen of Hearts
  • 1 by placing the window painting in the secret area
  • 1 high up, using levitation to jump back down the bull's alley from the two-tiered balcony with a levered fire escape next to the hearts painting.
  • 1 in the basketball basket in the sewers