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After exploring your campgrounds, you will need to reach Sasha's underground lab to continue the plot.

In the GDC area (as shown on the map), punch open the door to the isolation chamber. Walk into the chamber, and place the button into the floor. This will open a trapdoor leading to the underground lab.

Agent Nein's lab[edit]

Walk or jump down the staircase, and speak with Agent Nein. He will mention that he is studying Science, and ready's the large brain tumbler. Use it to continue.

The Unconscious Collective[edit]

This is a hub used to access the many other locations available in Psychonauts. As you enter other people's minds, doors within this area will open, allowing you to return to their world.

However, the only door you can access is the door to your own mind. Enter it.

Brain Tumbler Experiement[edit]

When you start the main portion of the experiment, you will see a gypsy caravan and a outer fog. Collect the four figments and punch open the vault.

Enter the caravan. Right away, you become trapped in a fuzzy area. You can listen to the comments, but to continue, you need to punch the encasement.

It will shatter, and you will see a bunny which you need to chase. As you follow it, you will notice a few monsters trying to attack. Eventually, you will reach a larger monster with glowing eyes; as it throws an object at you, you get pulled out of the experiment.

Speak with Agent Nein to take up on the offer for training. However, he won't be able to since you don't have a permit to learn marksmanship and directs you to Agent Cruller's lab.

Agent Cruller[edit]

When you enter the sanctuary, speak with Cruller and tell him that Sacha said you needed to learn how to fight better. You will receive the Marksmen Learner's permit, which allows you to commence training for ranged attacks.

Return to Agent Nein when you are ready.


You cannot collect all figments in the map yet. You still need to obtain the marksmanship badge.

  • 4 surrounding the gypsy caravan.
  • 4 outside the egg.
  • 16 leading up the ramp to the monster (not counting the one before the monster forces you out.)


Type Tag Bag
Purse Behind the egg Inaccessible
Steam Trunk On the ramp up to the monster Inaccessible

Psi Cards[edit]

In Agent Nein's lab:

  • While walking down the stairs, you can see a psi card on the wall.
  • A psi cars is behind a screen in an examination chair.

In Agent Cruller's lab:

  • One is at the base.
  • One is on a set of platforms.