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Kid's Cabins[edit]

After returning from Basic Braining, you are now free to explore the entire campgrounds (excluding some areas that require levitation.)

To leave the cabins for the first time, you need to collect one arrowhead. They are identified by a purple sparkle originating from the ground.

Psi Card locations (12)[edit]

  • Under the stairs leading to Basic Braining.
  • On the tree root near Basic Braining.
  • On the cabin next to the trampoline.
  • In the outhouse.
  • Behind your starting cabin.
  • On the upper trampoline. Accessible via the trapeze.
  • On the roof of your starting cabin. Accessible via tightrope.
  • Jump onto the poles from the starting cabin to reach the next card.
  • Walk into the cavern, and slide down. Take the right exit to collect a card.
  • Another card is at the exit to the cavern before the ladder.
  • Climb up a radio tower near Basic Braining.
  • High in the mountains - from the entrance to the upper cave, jump left onto a cargo net (Requires Levitation). At the top of that net, jump to the net on the nearby tree. From the tree, jump onto the tight rope to collect the card.

Psi Challenge Marker (1)[edit]

  • From the second trampoline, jump onto the ladder and climb up.

Scavenger hunt items (1)[edit]

  • The Turkey Sandwich is frozen in a block of ice in the refrigerator. (Melt with Pyrokinesis.)

Campgrounds Main[edit]

Upon first entering the area, you will be given a list of a scavenger hunt by Mr. Cruller (in Ranger form). This listing shows which items you should find, and provide a quick boost to your rank once you find eight on the list.

PSI Cards (18)[edit]

Starting in this area, you may need the Levitation ability to reach some of these cards.

  • On the way to the front entrance, one is located on a rock.
  • One is located in the parking lot.
  • In the outhouse near the parking lot.
  • Under the ramp leading to the main lodge (from the parking lot)
  • On a radio tower leading to the parking lot
  • Roof of main cabin
  • On the front of the cabin.
  • On a radio tower behind the cabin
  • Behind the fence right of the kids cabins
  • On the large parking lot sign
  • On a tree that connects tho the large parking lot sign via tight rope.
  • Between the upper and lower roofs of the main lodge
  • In the parking lot, on the jeep.
  • In the parking lot, reach the basketball hoop. (Does not require Levitation, but is easier once you have it.)
  • In the parking lot, on the front log piece. (Requires Levitation)
  • Behind a tree near the cliffs south of the ramp to the lake (to the right of the lodge going uphill).

PSI Challenge Marker (1)[edit]

  • Check the roof of the main cabin.

Scavenger hunt items (2)[edit]

  • A Gold Dubloon is located under the main cabin, on the right side.
  • An eagle claw is in the tree that connects tho the large parking lot sign via tight rope.


The lodge contains the store where you can purchase items.

Item Cost Rank
Cobweb Duster 800 20
PSI Energy Colorizer 250 30
Mental Magnet 400 15
Dream Fluff 50 1
PSI Core 10 1
Dowsing Rod 50 10

Scavenger hunt items (1)[edit]

  • A voodoo doll is located in the main lodge, in the upper rafters.

GPC & Wilderness[edit]

The Wilderness area is a lightly wooded area that is home to many animals and the GPC Isolation Chambers. It is also home to the entrance to Agent Nein's "secret" lab.

PSI Cards (18)[edit]

  • One on top of the log bridge.
  • Six surround the GDC, outside the fence.
  • One above the tunnel to the beach.
  • Under the dome on the ground, near the back.
  • 3 in the trees above and east of the dome, along a single path by climbing vines and crossing branches.
  • On top of the highest dome, you can reach by jumping from the first branch
  • Behind a tree near the high rocks to the left of the tunnel to the beach
  • On a rock near Ranger Cruller
  • From the rock near Ranger Cruller, swing along branches to a higher rock.
  • From this same spot, slide down the broken log.
  • From this spot, across the river underneath the ledge.

PSI Challenge Markers (2)[edit]

  • Check Ranger Cruller's shack.
  • Above the GDC, on the front left tree: from the top of the GDC, jump onto a nearby tree branch, and jump onto a climbable trunk to reach the topmost platform.

Scavenger hunt items (4)[edit]

  • The golden acorn is being guarded by squirrel at the base of a tree on the outside of the GDC fence (Requires Invisibility to get it.)
  • The miner's skull is stuck in the geyser behind the dome (outside the fence). Stand on the geyser, and when it starts spraying, plug it with the shield. (Requires the Shield power)
  • A glass eye is behind a storm grate; use telekinesis to grab it.
  • A pirate scope is in the high rocks to the right of the lab.

Other items[edit]

A crow feather is next to the path leading to the boathouse and beach.

Sasha's Underground Lab[edit]

Sasha Nein's Underground Lab is where he performs experiments with the "Brain Tumbler."

PSI Cards (2)[edit]

  • Both are on the platforms as you jump down

Scavenger hunt items (1)[edit]

  • A fossil is on a ledge behind the entrance.

Boathouse and Beach[edit]

This is the edge of Lake Oblongata, home to a mysterious lake monster. It is here that you discover your phobia of water; attempting to walk over it will cause a hand to try to grab you and pull you under. Most of the items here require either Levitation or your Oarsman's Badge (gained from Sasha when he sends you to learn Levitation).

PSI Cards (16)[edit]

  • Under the ramps leading to the main camp area
  • On the rafter on an intermediate a boat dock. (Requires levitation).
  • On the side of the lake.
  • Near the diving sphere.
  • Three on the roofing leading to the diving area
  • In the plant near Admiral Cruller
  • On the roof of the bathingsphere
  • On a mountain ledge above Admiral Cruller
  • In the trees, near the entrance to main campgrounds
  • Under the bridge to the main campgrounds
  • On a path above the exit to wilderness

PSI Challenge Marker (1)[edit]

  • On the spire left of the lake.

Scavenger hunt items (2)[edit]

  • Psychonauts #1, in the mountains.
  • Diver's Helmet, in the mountains above Admiral Cruller

Reception area[edit]

The reception area is an extra location within the campground, originally shown in the introductory cutscene.

While this area is not essential to complete the game, it is a location rich in Psi-Cards, Scavenger Hunt items and arrowheads especially once you get the Dowsing Rod.

Psi Cards (21)[edit]

All of these can be gotten without levitation, though some may be more difficult without it.

  • One is stray in the field.
  • One is at the top of a spiral mountain.
  • One is near a cave next to the tunnel network.
  • One on tree branch near secondary campfire
  • Four are in or past the tunnel near the tunnel network.
  • Two on broken rail bridge
  • One is behind the tombstones
  • Three are on the very large rocks
  • In front of the large skull.
  • One is behind the waterfall
  • On a tight rope near the janitor
  • 2 on the rocks near the tight rope
  • One is above the upper entrance to the bear cave.

PSI Challenge Marker (1)[edit]

  • Past broken rail bridge

Scavenger hunt items (4)[edit]

  • Condor egg is visible form the small spire near the GDC/Wilderness exit (does not require levitation to reach but that makes it much easier.) To get to it, walk through the cave with the bear, slide on the left rail to the end (do not slide of the end!), then double-jump from that post to the nest with the egg.
  • Look for a bee's nest, and shoot it with PSI blast to get a Fertility Idol.
  • Near a sign pointing to the wilderness area, there should be a large skull biting on a car. To the left of it is a cherry wood pipe.
  • A dinosaur bone is located in a tree near Janitor Cruller, above a firepit. Climb to the top branch. (Requires Levitation)

Deep caches[edit]

  • Near the waterfall
  • In the campfire area, on the right.
  • In front of campfire.
  • Near Tunnel network
  • Next to ramp at GDC/Wilderness exit
  • On top of small spire near GDC/Wilderness exit
  • Near secondary campfire.
  • Two are in the tunnel near tunnel network
  • Past broken rail bridge
  • In clearing near Janitor.
  • Behind janitor's shack
  • Behind tombstones

Ford's Sanctuary[edit]

This is where you'll find Ford Cruller at his full potential. It's also where you can turn in Mental Cobwebs to make Psi Cards and Psi Cards (along with Psi Cores) to increase your rank.

PSI Cards (2)[edit]

  • One is at the bottom of the room.
  • One is on the highest platform in the room. Levitation is not needed to get this card, but it helps.