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Gloria is located next to the side entrance of the asylum. In her condition, she has drawn happy faces on the various pots and pretends they are her audience. You will need to use the trophy nearby, but in her current state, she will become angry if you attempt to do so. Being invisible won't help.

Since she seems traumatized, you will need to use the portal on her to continue.

The stage[edit]

After entering Gloria, you will speak with Becky. She will mention that since Bonita isn't around, she has to alternate between two plays, both of which are bad acting as described by the Critic.

Head into the dressing room to the right. Use invisibility to enter undetected and speak with Bonita. He will tell you that he is overbeared with work because of the upsetting stories of Gloria's life, and will need a secondary light within the set. Get a candle in the storeroom and use it to light a spotlight.

To reach the candle, climb up the ladder, jump to the middle section, and the corner in the front of the room. Cross the tightrope to reach the candle. Once you get the candle, climb up the ladder on the right-side of the audience, and place the candle in position. Use pyrokineses to light the candle. Getting the inner sunshine out is only half the story. There's also a deadly phantom that tries ruining the act.

The play[edit]

Speak with the critic to receive the first replacement script. Give the script to Becky. You will receive a megaphone which you can use to replay the various plays done before. At the stage, you will see some glowing portals. You can enter them to switch the stage area; in this case, you will need to enter the second area.

The second area has another portal on the right, which is out of reach. Switching to the dark mood creates a dragon, but you can't defeat it directly; have Becky play the "Knight of Joy" to slay the dragon. The dragon can be climbed and you can access "The day the mailboat finally came" script.

Bring it to becky to summon the mailboat.

The final script is on the upper part of the third stage. Collect "Goodbye Hagatha Home" and bring it to Becky. Head to the first stage with the bad mood and climb to the top. Use the megaphone to play the script and climb aboard the balloon.

For quick reference, the sequence of the play needs to be as follows:

Scene Mood
Knight of Joy Bad
Mailboat Happy
Goodbye Hagatha Home Bad

The catwalks[edit]

The catwalks are home to the phantom. When you see the phantom, pick up the candle, place it in the spotlight and put it in the spotlight to the left. Light the spotlight and follow the phantom.

The Critic[edit]

It is a good idea to bring some Dream-Fluffs to this battle, as you will probably get hit several times while getting used to the boss's patterns.

Collect the three candles to the left of your starting position and use levitation to float above the musical instruments in the streams of music to reach the catwalks above. Since Jasper will lead ahead with his attacks, you will need to weave left and right to avoid his harmful words. When you reach the catwalks place a candle in the spotlight to blind Jasper and have him crash on the floor.

When he crashes, he is vulnerable to attacks, although he will summon the various theatre enemies that appeared on set.

You will need to blind and hit Jasper three times to defeat him. As he takes damage, he will eliminate a spotlight, and increase the number of enemies spawned when he collapses. Furthermore, he will also fire more frequently and become more accurate in his attacks. Once he dies, collect the trophy.

Trunk tags[edit]

Type Tag Bag
Steamer trunk Right of the stage In the store room
Purse In production room left of the stage Next to the critic
Hatbox On the catwalk, after second trapeze section After second trapese section, climb down the ladder.
Duffle bag On the catwalk On the second teleport area in the catwalk
Suitcase In the storeroom, below the candle Behind the cobweb, left backstage


  • 9 in audience
  • 9 in the upper audience section
  • 7 in the music area
  • 4 left of the back stage
  • 8 leading to dressing room
  • 3 leading to Bonita's room
  • 10 in Bonita's room
  • 3 on storeroom floor
  • 12 in storeroom's upper sections
  • 2 leading to the spotlight
  • 5 in first stage, good mood
  • 8 in the first stage, bad mood
  • 8 in second stage, good mood
  • 10 in second stage, bad mood
  • 5 in third stage, bad mood
  • 3 in third stage, good mood
  • 7 at first catwalk section
  • 4 at first trapese section
  • 4 at trampoline section
  • 6 at cloth slide
  • ? after cloth slide
  • 2 at choppers
  • 3 on slide
  • 3 on second trampoline section
  • 5 on second trapese section
  • ? at final trapese section
  • 1 after the phantom


  • Left of the stage, in the audience area
  • Left of the stage, in the audience area
  • Left of the stage, at the back
  • Blocking the dressing room
  • In the storeroom, at the first ladder
  • In the storeroom, below the tightrope
  • In the balcony seats

Other items[edit]

  • To reach the upper audience, jump from the spotlight. Jump across the three audience baloconies to upgrade your PSI aggression capacity.
  • A confusion ammo up is available when you slide down the cloth in the catwalks; you must complete Black Velvetopia before this is available.