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The time of day has advanced, and thus changes have occurred. Mostly, children across the camp have reached the beach and are learning levitation.

Talk to Admiral Cruller to obtain the Canoe. Use the canoe to reach Mila on the remote dock, and speak with her to start the lesson.

The dance party[edit]

You are given a levitation learner's permit. This allows you to create a levitation ball that allows for faster movement on ground, to increase jump height, and to slow rate of descent.

Jump the gap, and use PSI float to go through the rings; float should be activated when you reached maximum height.

In the next room, roll the ball to move at maximum speed, and jump through the hoops. Climb the flowers. Float through the rings that aren't spinning.

To continue, climb up until you reach the windy area. You can also visit a secret area from this location, even though Milla tells you not to go in there. To continue upward, jump into the wind stream and float your way through. Climb up the ladder.

You should now reach the spring. Use levitate and run into the spring to be thrown as high as possible. Land on the spring platform, and you should be lifted up to the next area.

Jump on the railing, and speed forward through all the hoops. Take the elevator up.

Punch open the door to the side to reach the second disco room. Gain speed, them climb up the outer wall, and jump on the hazard platform. Milla will explain that levitation will protect you against hazards other than spikes; although you should verify it for yourself by traversing all four outer hazards. When ready, jump over the spikes onto the pole and climb up.

Jump onto the circling platform, and levitate over the barrier.

Racing Bobby Zilch[edit]

In this section, you need to finish the race before the rival Bobby Zilch.

You gain maximum speed simply by avoiding obstacles; however, there are floating sigils that cause you to acceelerate temporarly beyond your normal maximum.

The party[edit]

Ride the bubble vents to the top, then ride the stream from the large fan. Fly through the three hoops to open the door.

Once you open the door, you can reach Milla.

Real world[edit]

You now have levitation ability, which can be used to obtain other secrets you couldn't before. In addition, you can use levitation to jump across the water.

You can now complete the experiment. However, there are many changes in the campground that you will want to watch for if you want to learn about what's going on.


First area[edit]

  • 2 in first room
  • 7 in floor dome.
  • 4 leading to second floor.
  • 6 on second floor.
  • 5 in secret area past second floor
  • 13 in spring launcher room
  • 7 above spring launcher
  • 8 above hoop room (including those near the elevator)
  • 4 through doorway
  • 5 in second disco room
  • 10 on hazard platform (including pole)
  • 4 above hazard platform.


There are 97 figments in the race area, scattered through the race. To retrieve them all, you need to do the race multiple times. Or you can walk around the race track after everybody has left, though this will take a good 15 minutes.


  • 14 at bottom of fan room
  • 10 in bubble vents
  • 6 in central fan stream
  • 2 in front of the door
  • 2 in front of mila


Type Tag Bag
Dufflebag First room, across the gap. Second floor
Steamer trunk Past first floating area Spring launcher, along the side
Hatbox In Spring launcher area Above spring launcher
Purse At top of hazard room.
Suitcase On the fan in the party Right side on the platform of the door out of the party room (with bubbles)


  • Note: The locations are in order of how you find them in the level.

The Lounge[edit]

  • There are 3 here.
  • At the end of the first hallway, to the right of the giant monkey.
  • When you enter the pinball room, look behind the entrance in a small indent in the wall.
  • Just after the pinball ramp on the ledge with the railing you grind on.

The Race[edit]

  • There are none here.

The Party[edit]

  • There are 2 here.
  • Under the grate where you start the level.
  • In Milla's room on the very bottom.