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Rank Ability Description
N/A Psi-Blast Ranged attack.
N/A Levitate Improves jumping and floating ability.
N/A Shield Obtained in Lungfishopolis. Prevents damage and reflects some attacks.
10 Pyrokinesis Allows burning things. Tutorial given in-game.
20 Telekinesis Allows throwing items. Tutorial given in-game.
30 Invisibility Hides from other creatures or entities. Doesn't work on all enemies, as some have infrared vision.
N/A Clairvoyance Obtained from the milkman. Allows seeing from other creatures.
N/A Confusion Throws a confusion grenade. Obtained from the Matador.
35 Palm Bomb Upgrades palm bomb damage. Attack multiple times in mid-air to increase damage.
40 PSI Blast upgrade PSI Blast will chain to hit three targets.
45 Pyrokinesis PSI Pyrokinesis will be explosive, affecting multiple targets.
50 Levitiation The levitation ball inflicts damage when moving at full speed.
55 Shield The shield knocks back enemies that make melee attacks
60 Invisibility Invisibility lasts twice as long
65 Telekinesis Increased range.
70 PSI Blast upgrade PSI Blast will chain to hit six targets.
75 Levitation The levitation ball inflicts damage even at low speeds
80 Shield The shield damages enemies it knocks back
85 Confusion Doubles confusion duration
90 Regeneration Gradually recovers mental health
95 Infinite Ammo Gives unlimted ammo for PSI blast and Confusion.
100 Secret Cut-Scene!