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After speaking with Agent Nein, you are given the option to enter the shooting range.

Training[edit | edit source]

Your marksmanship ability is assigned to one of the PSI slots shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. Since it's your first one, it usually appears on top and can be used without problem.

Your first target is a set of lamps. Shoot them.

Next, you need to destroy the targets in a given order. You will need to use Psychic Focus ( Shift  by default) to target them manually.

You are now introduced to the first enemy – the censor. Destroy it, and it will leave behind a blue psychic energy to restore mental health. You will also need to watch for red psychic energy, which will restore your PSY Blast capability.

According to Sasha, you need to kill 1000 censors, and one censor will arrive every 10 seconds. At this rate, it will take 2.7 hours to reach the quota. You can increase the rate to six to allow censors to arrive more quickly, at about 1 per 2 seconds; which will still take an hour of continuous combat to defeat. In reality, you will hit the daily maximum of each setting even if you attempt the slow method.

The only way to reach the quota is to set it at maximum, which starts the obstacle course below.

Bed[edit | edit source]

Setting it to maximum causes chaos. Head to the other side of the cube and reach the bed. Psi blast the valves to close them.

There is a vault running around on the bed.

The first valve is to the right of the bed, reached by climbing the blocks.

The second valve is to the left of the bed, reached by climbing the blocks.

Disks[edit | edit source]

Fix one leak of censors, and another springs up. These censors will use ranged attacks against you.

Climb the floating disks to take out the first valve.

Climb the disks to the top to take out the second valve.

While there are further disks above, you cannot reach them at this time.

Shoes[edit | edit source]

The enemies here are solid clusters of aggressive energy. When they are close, they explode. Take them out with ranged attacks only.

The first valve is near the lower spool of measuring tape, while the second is on the empty shoe boxes.

Final area[edit | edit source]

The final area is a machine with flaming arcs.

It has one valve. Climb to the top and shoot it.

Mega censor[edit | edit source]

Blocking off the censor outlet causes a buildup of censor energy which bursts out of the cube. This censor will use a large stamp to compact you onto the stamp, which can be dodged using Mental focus and a jump.

To destroy the large censor, you need to prevent it from regenerating. Destroy five valves on the cube to prevent the small censors from merging.

After they are destroyed, the large censor will throw globs of ooze at you. Dodge them, and shoot your own PSI blasts.

When he is defeated, you will earn the merit badge, and be able to access the area from future brain tumbler experiments.

Figments[edit | edit source]

  • 22 are in the bed area. Some are found behind and infront of the bed, and one is located on top.
  • 10 are reachable in the disk area. Other figments are present, but you require levitation to reach them.
  • 15 are in the shoes area.
  • 9 are in the final area.

Baggage[edit | edit source]

Type Tag Bag
Duffelbag On the bed Left of the bed, near the head
Hatbox On the floating blocks left of the bed. On the bed post, reached by the floaing blocks behind the bed.
Purse At the base of the disk area. At the top of the path of disks.
Steamer trunk At the base of the measurement area. Near the lower spool of measurement tape
Suitcase At the base of the final area. At the central tower of the final area.

Vaults[edit | edit source]

  • One vault is running on the bed.
  • One vault is running around the cube, when shoe-side of the cube is open.

Cobwebs[edit | edit source]

  • Bed section, inside an arched block.
  • Bed section, inside an arched block.
  • Shoe section, near the bottom of the stack of boxes.
  • Shoe section, near the censor on the stack of boxes.
  • Flame section, behind a column.