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Optional: you can use the Wii Balance Board to dodge attacks. Apply weight to the left or right side of the board to dodge in that direction; apply force to both sides at once to duck. The Wii Balance Board cannot be used in Head-to-Head.

Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Action
Shake Nunchuk button 1 button Left hook
Shake Remote button 2 button Right hook
Up nunchuk + Shake Nunchuk button Up dpad + 1 button Left jab
Z button + Shake Nunchuk button
(using Advanced Controls)
Up nunchuk + Shake Remote button Up dpad + 2 button Right jab
B button + Shake Remote button
(using Advanced Controls)
Up nunchuk Up dpad Block
Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk Left dpad or Right dpad Dodge
Down nunchuk Down dpad Duck
C button + Shake Nunchuk button A button Left Star Punch
A button + Shake Remote button Minus button Right Star Punch
Plus button Plus button Pause