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  • Record: 33-2 (24 KOs)
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 237 lbs
  • Age: 35
  • Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
  • Description: A Russian with a massive chest and a soda addiction. Nevertheless, his build belies excellent speed.
  • Difficulty: ****
  • KO Count: 5


  • Left Hooker: Without much warning, Soda Popinski raises his left arm and throws a quick hook from the hip. You can duck it or dodge to the right, but since almost all of Popinski's attacks can be dodged to the right.
  • Right Uppercut: Little warning whatsoever. He ducks and uppercuts on you. Dodge left or right.
  • Drunken Brawler: Soda Popinski goes into this rave after the following situations
    1. Hit Soda Popinski with a star punch
    2. Knock down Soda Popinski
    3. Counter-punch his soda pop drink move
Popinski will step toward you and unload a series of alternating uppercuts, right, left, right, left. He'll throw either three or four at a time – the last one has a slightly longer delay before it so you know when it's the last – and if you dodge the final one you can land a jab combo on his head.
  • Rave Hook: After the first KO, he'll start throwing this variation of his left hook. He takes a big step to your right before throwing the punch, which is the only of his attacks that you cannot dodge by slipping to the right. You can duck it or slip to the left, afterward Popinski is left vulnerable to a head punch combo.
  • Left Uppercut: Quicker than the right uppercut, but with the same weakness. Dodge left or right.
  • Cure Drink: When Soda Popinski gets really desperate, he'll step back – either to the left or to the right – and pull out a soda, holding it out in front of you. If he steps to your left, quickly punch with a left jab (use a right jab if he steps to your right) to knock the soda out of his hand and earn a star. If you fail to punch the soda from his hands, Popinski will drink it and regain much of his health.