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There are 15 achievements for the Xbox 360, three of them from DLC, for a total of 250 Gamerscore points.

General[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Description Gamerscore icon
Renowned Hero Defeat 5 opponents 10 Gamerscore points
Beast Tamer Capture a Mount 10 Gamerscore points
Warlord Win an Xbox LIVE match 10 Gamerscore points
Knowledgeable Hero Research a Spell 10 Gamerscore points
Ogre Slayer Defeat Dugog 20 Gamerscore points
Bull Slayer Defeat Mechataur 20 Gamerscore points
God Raiser Rebuild Sartek 20 Gamerscore points
Master Engineer Complete your citadel 10 Gamerscore points
Inspiring Leader Gain 5 companions 15 Gamerscore points
Master Craftsman Forge a Godlike item 15 Gamerscore points
Legendary Hero Reach Level 50 25 Gamerscore points
Master of Death Defeat Lord Bane 35 Gamerscore points

DLC: Revenge of the Plague Lord[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Description Gamerscore icon
Master of Plague Defeat Lord Antharg 20 Gamerscore points
Savior of Malbec Defeat Araveine 20 Gamerscore points
Stormfriend Gain the Stormfriend award 10 Gamerscore points