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Spells are researched in the Citadel when you capture an enemy that has spells for you to learn. The research is accomplished through a play of the 8x8 grid using special rules, without an opponent.

You must have a Dungeon and a Mage Tower in your Citadel in order to research spells.


Research Spells: Match scrolls and gems to reach the target values displayed on the screen.

4-of-a-kind: Gives double points & generates 1 scroll.

5-of-a-kind: Gives triple points & generates 2 scrolls.

Heroic Effort: On a cascade of 5 or higher, the board is cleared of skulls, stars, & coins.

Special: If you complete a category, it clears the board of matching gems.

Defeat: You lose if there are no moves left.


Chill Touch (Easy)[edit]

Reduces all your enemy's mana reserves by 3. Adds +5 to your green mana.

GreenGem RedGem YellowGem BlueGem Scroll
33 67 50 16 3

Wake the Dead (Moderate)[edit]

Turns 1 Skull into a +5 skull for every 5 Green Mana. After gems are transformed, the turn ends.

GreenGem RedGem YellowGem BlueGem Scroll
94 47 23 70 3