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Protected cheats[edit]

The cheat codes that give you an advantage are locked down by the server. They can only be used in single-player mode, and will not function if deathmatch or coop are active.

Console Effect
impulse 9 All weapons, ammo and keys
impulse 11 Add rune
impulse 255 Quad damage
god god mode: prevents health damage only. (Keeps armor damage and knockback)
fly fly mode: a quirky method of flight.
noclip noclip: movement through walls
give h # Sets health to #. (There's no means to adjust armor.)
give s # Sets shells to #.
give n # Sets nails to #.
give r # Sets rockets to #.
give c # Sets cells to #.
give 3 Gives supershotgun.
give 4 Gives nailgun.
give 5 Gives super nailgun.
give 6 Gives grenade launcher.
give 7 Gives rocket launcher.
give 8 Gives thunderbolt.

Unprotected cheates[edit]

Some cheats can be used at any time, even on remote servers. While some servers are modded to lock down these cheats, most do not.

These cheats can be obtained simply by scanning the Quake source code, and with the availability of the source code, aren't exclusive.

Some of these cheats might not function unless you are hosting the Quake server or are playing in single-player mode.

Console Effect
impulse 11 Add rune
map Changes map (resets items, disconnects clients) Works in single-player or as the server.
changelevel Changes map (keeps items.) Works in single-player or as the server.