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Red armor section[edit]

There are two red armors in this map. The first is near the rocket launcher area, beyond the lava pit. It can only be safely reached if you extend the bridge outside of the area, and make it across in time. Experienced players can jump across without the bridge.

The second red armor is in a secret. If you travel from the lava staircase to the rocket launcher, you should see a button. Shoot it to open a silent door to your right - collect the armor, and return to the watery area.

Staircase teleporter[edit]

The staircase teleporter is located on one end of the map, and is opened by a nearby switch. It leads to the upper section of the lava trap room.

After teleporting, players may opt to turn left to access an alternate rocket launcher and quad damage, or proceed across the moving platform to reach the mega health and grenade launcher.

Lava trap room[edit]

The large room is known to create many environmental kills. The first part of the trap is from the staircases leading to the side of the room, where players can collect yellow armor. Pressing the switches within these side rooms will cause the floors to retract and exposing the lava pit beneath. However, these players are vulnerable to a second trap until the floors return to the original position - on the two major entrances to this room, other players can push a switch to crush players hiding in the side rooms.

One exit has two moving platforms over a small bit of lava. It's safest to either jump across, or pogo-stick over the platforms.

Respawn points[edit]

Respawns occur in the following order:

  1. At the nailgun, near the staircase lava pit
  2. Near the staircase lava pit, closer to the stairs
  3. Near the pool of water
  4. Near the switch that extends the bridge to the red armor
  5. In the corner of the rocket launcher room
  6. Near the double-barrel shotgun, between the two lava pits
  7. On approach to the lava trap room, opposite of stair cases
  8. Lava trap room, in the corner on the stairs
  9. Near the staircase lava pit, closer to the switch