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The controls in Quake are considered primitive by modern standards. As such, you will want to configure them significantly to more common systems; and you still cannot make all the changes within the Quake menu system.

Key Mouse Command
Ctrl PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack
/ Change Weapon
Space or Enter Jump
 ↑  PC Mouse.pngPC Mouse Right Click.png Forward
 ↓  PC Mouse.png Back
PC Mouse.png Turn left
PC Mouse.png Turn right
Shift Run
, Step left
. Step right
Alt Sidestep
A or Page Down Look Up
Z or Delete Look Down
End Center view
\ PC Mouse Middle Click.png Mouse look (hold)
Insert Keyboard look
D Swim up
C Swim Down


  • Always run: Adjusts your minimum movement speed to that you always run.
  • Invert Mouse
  • Lookspring: When mouse look button is released, the view centers back to normal.
  • Lookstrafe: When doing mouselook, you strafe left/right instead of looking.