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Launching Quake[edit]

Since Quake is the first "modern" FPS that supported a true 3D environment, you may expect to jump in without problem. However, the default configuration is outdated compared to modern games.

When launching quake, you are first shown a console printing text before switching to a demo loop. To reach the main menu, press ESC. After configuring Quake to your preferences, you can start a new game through the Single Player menu.


Quake and it's expansions provide three difficulty levels, available from the main start area, and a fourth difficulty level that's harder to find:

  • Easy: Monsters are less common.
  • Normal: Monsters appear normally.
  • Hard: Monsters are more common. The entrance to this portal is slightly hazardous, but unobstructed.
  • Nightmare: The entrance is hidden. Same monster quantity as hard, but:
    • Monsters don't go into pain more than once every five seconds.
    • Monsters attack more frequently, and may even do continuous attacks.
    • The grunt fires shots in pairs.
    • The shambler's lightning attack inflicts 10 more damage.
    • The vore's projectiles are 40% faster.