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Weapons and items[edit]

  • Super nailgun is found in the maze of crates. To reach it, jump from the side ramp. From the super nailgun, you can also access a megahealth.
  • A ring of shadows is behind a pillar.
  • Red armor is on-top of a pillar in a spiral-ramp. In the same room is a nailgun.
  • Megahealth in the central area.
  • Thunderbolt is underwater, directly under the bridge.
  • A rocket launcher is in the room to the side, overlooking the water bridge.
  • A pentagram of protection is outside, along with a megahealth.
  • A quad damage is found in the central room, opposite of the ring of shadows. It is found in a corner.
  • A super shotgun is found near a second-floor staircase. A yellow armor can also be found under the staircase, next to a teleporter.

Respawn points[edit]

  1. Near the stairs at the nailgun room
  2. In a corner, near the center megahealth
  3. In an teleporter-alcove region near the Super Shotgun
  4. Near the rocket launcher
  5. Near a teleporter
  6. At a place where you drop down to a room below. Turning around leads to the pentagram of protection and a megahealth.