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Lower section[edit]

The lower section is a set of bridges, and is generally the worst place in the map. While you can collect a megahealth, rocket launcher, and nailgun, the only way out is via the teleporter, which brings you to the third floor.

Main chamber[edit]

Most combat will appear in the central chamber, because of both the Quad damage, super nailgun, thunderbolt, and a few other items of interest.

On the third floor is an exit to a side room, leading to yellow armor. If you drop down in this room, you can collect a rocket launcher, and well as red armor.

Respawn points[edit]

  1. At a bridge overlooking a lava pit. Behind you is a megahealth, and you should see a rocket launcher.
  2. At a point overlooking the main chamber. Quad damage is ahead, and to the left.
  3. Near the upper teleporter.
  4. Below the upper teleporter room.
  5. At a set of stairs. To exit the local area, grab the rocket launcher and red armor behind you, and take the teleporter.
  6. Overlooking the main room, at the upper floor.