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Weapons are the staple of quake, obviously. When you take a new weapon, you also collect a nominal amount of ammo where you can make a few shots.

In deathmatch, weapons reappear after 30 seconds.


You start with this weapon. It inflicts 20 damage every 0.5 seconds, and is short range - the only advantage with this weapon is that it doesn't consume ammo.


You start with this weapon. It inflicts 24 damage every 0.5 seconds at short range, divided among the 6 pellets (4 damage per pellet). It instantly hits the target.

Double shotgun[edit]

It inflicts 56 damage every 0.7 seconds divided among 14 pellets (4 damage per pellet). It does not blow through enemies beyond potentially obscure situations.

If you only have one shell left, it behaves just like the shotgun.


Fires a nail every 0.1 seconds for 9 damage.

Super Nailgun[edit]

Also known as the perforator, it consumes ammo twice as fast to inflict twice the damage; 2 nails every 0.1 seconds inflict 18 damage.

Grenade launcher[edit]

Launches a grenade in a ballistic arc every 0.6 seconds, which inflicts between 100-120 damage on a direct hit. Otherwise, it detonates after 2.5 seconds for 120 damage. You take half-damage from your own explosions, however.

To grenade jump, you need to fire your grenade then stand on it. Just before it detonates, press jump, and the following explosion will propel you into the air. Grenades were intended to have a slight inaccuracy, but this doesn't occur if you use mouse look.

Rocket launcher[edit]

Splash Damage
Technically, splash damage from a rocket or grenade can be up to 160; however, this can only occur if the rocket somehow entered a target, and this usually applies the direct 100-120 damage instead.

Launches a rocket in a flat trajectory every 0.8 seconds, which inflicts between 100-120 damage on a direct hit, and splashes for up to 120 damage. You take half-damage from your own explosions, however.

To rocket jump, press jump and immediately fire a rocket. The explosion will propel you high into the air.


Inflicts 30 damage per cell. The best weapon in the game, and most desired.

Caution: The thunderbolt is not designed to be fired underwater. If you do so, you cause a massive explosion that inflicts 35 damage per cell you are carrying, with the explosion hitting those both inside and outside the water. This should only be used as a last ditch attempt to kill enemies in deathmatch.

'Note: When detonated, some versions of thunderbolt can cause the game to remain in an unplayable state for a given player; normally the game should reload or the player should respawn, but this doesn't always happen. While this bug was fixed in Quake 1.06, it reappeared in the two mission packs either with the Thunderbolt itself, or it's variant weaponry.


Items are useful things scattered throughout the map. As with weapons, items respawn in 20 seconds unless otherwise specified.


Appears in 15, 25, and 100 point packages.

The mega health that gives 100 points will heal beyond the normal 100 point maximum up to 250 health. However, it will start degrading your health after 5 seconds by 1 point per second. In deathmatch, the megahealth will respawn 20 seconds after you return to normal health.


Comes in three forms:

  • Green armor absorbs 30% damage, and resists up to 100 points.
  • Yellow armor absorbs 60% damage, and resists up to 150 points.
  • Red armor absorbs 80% damage, and resists up to 200 points.


Provides wither 20 or 40 shells for the shotguns, to a maximum capacity of 100 shells.


Provides 25 or 50 nails, with a maximum of 200.

Some custom maps may provide boxes containing 20 or 40 nails, because they used an older supplier of nails.


Contains 5 or 10 rockets, with a maximum of 100.


Contains 6 or 12 cells, to a maximum of 100.

Quad Damage[edit]

You inflict four times as much damage for 30 seconds, and likewise the knockback of your attacks is also increased.

In deathmatch, this item will respawns in 60 seconds, even in "classic deathmatch".

Pentagram of Protection[edit]

Negates health damage; armor is still stripped away from hits, and you still take knockback.

In deathmatch, this item will respawn in five minutes, even in "classic deathmatch".

Ring of Shadows[edit]

Provides invisibility for 30 seconds; to other players, you appear only as a set of eyes, and monsters will not target you unless they are provoked. It does not provide benefit on monsters that are already alert.

In deathmatch, this item will respawn in five minutes, even in "classic deathmatch".


Prevents drowning damage, or damage from swimming in slime. You still take damage in lava, but it is slowed significantly. Lasts 30 seconds.

In deathmatch, this item will respawns in 60 seconds, even in "classic deathmatch".

Ammo packs[edit]

Ammunition packs are dropped by players in Coop or Deathmatch when they are killed. It contains their entire set of ammunition, as well as the weapon they were currently wielding.


These keys appear as gold or silver variants, and are useful only in single player or coop. They do not appear in deathmatch.


The runes are located on the final map of each episode. They are:

  • Rune of Earth Magic
  • Rune of Black Magic
  • Rune of Hell Magic
  • Rune of Elder Magic

These runes are required to proceed to the final area.