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Quest Corporation
Quest Corporation's company logo.
Parent companySquare

Quest Corporation (クエスト) was a Japanese video game company founded in 1988. Quest is best known for its critically acclaimed tactical role-playing game series Ogre Battle. In 1995, key members Yasumi Matsuno, Hiroshi Minagawa, and Akihiko Yoshida left Quest to join Square, where they developed Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, and have worked on Final Fantasy XII as part of Square Enix. In 2002, Quest was purchased by Square; although the purchase reunited some of Quest's developers with their former colleagues, it likely signaled the end of the Ogre Saga franchise as at Square Enix the former Quest staff continued to work on the Final Fantasy Tactics sequels Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003) and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (2007) while the Ogre Saga creator Yasumi Matsuno left the company in 2005.