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Talk to Merlin, then the bird, then Garret. You will see the instructions for finding the next piece of the map. Follow the map directions until you have the flute. Use the flute on the bird to get the lead bracelet. You can now go up through the wind that was blowing you back. Walk clockwise to what looks like a pile of sticks. As soon as you walk over it start counter-clockwise as fast as you can to get in the gate before it closes. It took me a good number of tries. Try to walk the shortest possible distance, going diagonal as much as possible.

It turns out there's a secret that helps in this area, sent in by Nick 86': The answer is the "double-tap" sword technique, as this gives Kayley so much speed that there's no problem getting past the section.

Go up and talk to Merlin, solve the puzzles, none of which are hard. If you need help e-mail and I'll post the solutions, but they're all fairly simple. You will get the snorkel for your efforts. Talk to Merlin and he'll offer you a choice of whether to solve more puzzles for an extra treasure. Do so, it's an extra heart. Once you have the treasure use your snorkel to go up through the water to the boss, the super-minion. Slash away until it's history.