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Go up, then left, then talk to the man. Go down from the farmer for an extra heart. Go counter-clockwise from the starting point for a heart. Travel back to where the farmer is, then go up to where there is a bush in the middle of the trail, and an arena like area to the right. Go down slightly, left, then up to the bridge. Continue up until you see the golem (who immediately gives chase) and lead it into the arena like area. Sneak past the golem and run left to the bush. Slash it to trap the golem. If the golem made it out before you could trap it lead it back in and try again. He will escape. Go back to the man below and talk to him. Cut down all the new bushes, then slash the golem into submission. The third and final bridge will be unblocked and you will be able to go up to the next screen.

[Bug] The dragon exists in two places at once on this screen, use the compass to see

Go counter-clockwise to the swordmaster, then clockwise to the dragon. Talk to the dragon. Go into the cave and grab the orange while dodging the plants. After leaving the cave go left for an apple, then right and up for a large gem. Save, then talk to the dragon.

You will go to a standard overhead flying-shooter subgame, except that you don't get weapon upgrades. Up makes you go faster, down slower, left and right self-explanatory and B shoots. Sweep left and right while firing constantly and you'll be fine. You'll now face... the Chimera. Keep moving left and right while firing constantly and you'll be fine.