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When Kayley feels a wind, use the bracelet. When you find the stairs, remember where they are and note that they go nowhere. You will run across four rocks, and running over them gives you either a whistle or an error message. Find which rock gives the whistle. This is the first in the series, experiment until you figure out the series. When you finish they will be in a certain order like 4 → 2 → 1 → 3.

Go back to the stairs which now go somewhere. Save and equip the dragon scale. Hop across the lava and when you reach the end of the hall, save. Go into the round table room and walk to the top. You'll see the boss, the Super-Minion. He can shoot in four directions at once, and always stops and squats before doing so. Follow him around dodging him, then hit him when he ducks. If you hit in time he won't shoot. Continue until he's dead.