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  • O, P, Q and A: In the ZX and CPC versions, you will have to use these keys to make Quick Draw walk left and right and jump up and down; however, in the C64 version, you will have to use a joystick instead. You can also press Space (or the joystick button) to make him fire shots at the enemies - and in the ZX and CPC versions, you can also press F to pause the game and G to abort it (but you should only do it if you can't win).

Quick Draw McGraw[edit]

QDM Quick Draw.png

This anthropomorphic horse is the protagonist of the game; although his voice actor, Charles Dawson "Dawes" Butler, died in 1988, he (like Top Cat) had previously appeared in Yogi Bear and Friends in: The Greed Monster earlier in 1990 before getting a game of his own. Due to technical limitations, he is depicted as yellow in the ZX version - and he has to make his way along each train, firing off shots at bandits and Indians to kill them as he goes, as well as collecting items for extra points and occasionally entering coaches to play "shooting-gallery"-type minigames before coming to the Head Honcho on the locomotive itself (which is steam- rather than diesel-powered). Once Quick Draw has fired enough shots at the Head Honcho to kill him (it increases with each level) he will proceed to the next train; there is a total of four trains in the game.