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Soldiers are melee/ranged fighters, who focus on offense or defense. Soldiers use strength as their main stat. They party with other classes and provoke enemies to form a mob of monsters for higher and faster exp gain. Soldiers use one-handed or two-handed swords, blunt weapons, spears, axes, and shields.

First Job Advancement[edit]

To advance to a Soldier, the visitor must be level 10 and talk to an NPC called Waren in Zant who will send you over to Leonard located in Zant. Leonard will instruct the visitor to hunt HoneyBee Stingers from Honey Bees. Once this is done, Leionard will ask you to hunt for 3 pumpkin seeds from Elder Pumpkins. After this is done, go back to him to complete this task and then talk to Warren who will advance you as a soldier.


Soldier Builds Rely mainly on STR for their damage output, high defense, and high maximum HP, as well as for their ability to carry many potions at once. This Stat should be first priority for any soldier class.

2nd priority stat is SEN. SEN contributes to skill damage, and plays a huge role in triple attack damage, your main damage skill.

Soldiers who wish to continue on to become a knight should think about INT once they hit level 110, as INT contributes to the majority of their area of effect skills, that become helpful in the late stages of the game.

Finally, CON should be added whenever needed, but not in excess. CON is not a great stat for soldiers to invest in heavily, as its only purpose is to increase accuracy. by level 200, a soldier class should not have more than 120-140 CON, as any more would be a waste of points.

Note to all Soldiers: Champion, while advertised as an offensive class, is until further notice, one of the most underpowered classes in the game. Knights outdo them in many ways, including in player versus player combat, and in player versus monster situations. They have the ability to stun at a high chance, and the ability to take tons of damage without fear of death, while dealing out damage that is still comparable to that of a Champion. Sadly, until a patch is released that further empowers the Champion class, Knight will be the choice for all soldiers who want make the most out of their character.