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Race On!
Box artwork for Race On!.
Japanese title レースオン!
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Racing
System(s) Arcade
Players 1-8
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
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Race On! is a racing arcade game which was released by Namco, in 1998; it runs on the company's System 23 hardware, and was their first arcade racing game since Rave Racer (1995) to allow up to eight players to play it simultaneously (when four two-player cabinets were linked together). It is also possible to control a CPU car by stepping on the break pedal and pushing the "View Change" button simultaneously on the car selection screen, then stepping on the gas pedal - and if a player steps on the break pedal four times on the same screen, he or she can select the driver's view by pushing the "View Change" button in the game. The cabinet also had a built-in digital camera, that photographed players and placed the images of their faces in the bottom-right corner of their screens and on top of the cars they selected; while the players are getting photographed, it is also possible for one of them to step on the gas pedal and push the View Change button four times in order to select (and confirm by stepping on the break pedal) characters from the Tekken trilogy (1994-1996), instead of the cars.

The built-in digital camera for this game's cabinet was later reused by Namco for Gunmen Wars, later on in 1998 (and this allowed the game to identify between human and CPU-controlled players); it was also the first lightgun game from the company which had the guns mounted on the front of its cabinet (as opposed to placed in holsters when not being used) since Bubble Trouble: Golly! Ghost! 2 (1992).

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