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Each character can equip one weapon, one armor, and three accessories.


Stocke, Marco[edit]

Name Stats Description Sell
Entropy ATK+60 / MP-30
Bloody Rose ATK+45 / HP-20
Historica ATK+58 / MAG+28 / SPD+2 Governs time. Stocke only
Slayer Sword ATK+40 / MAG+25 Can strike down any obstacle 6500
Soul Eater ATK+30 / HP-10
Pieti Edge ATK+30 / MAG+48 / SPD-2 Melancholic but deadly
Titanium Sword ATK+30 / MAG+15 Forged from strong metal 3250
Bastard Sword ATK+25 / MAG+10 A long, wide blade 2000
Madre Blade ATK+24 / MAG+19 / HP+75 Filled with the secret of life 3500
Iron Sword ATK+20 / MAG+5 Honed to a razor edge 1200
Wisp Blade ATK+18 / MAG+12 / HP+50 Enfused with natural spirits 1900
Blitz Epee ATK+18 A bendy sword 1000
Rune Edge ATK+17 / MAG+26 / SPD-1 Engraved with magic symbols 2500
Alistel Edge ATK+16 / MAG+6 Given to distinguished knights 1500
Custom Sword ATK+14 Balanced for a single wielder 350
Vital Blade ATK+12 / MAG+5 / HP+25 Empowers its wielder 500
Epee ATK+12 / MAG+3 Thin sword made for thrusting 250
Bronze Sword ATK+10 A simple, mass-produced sword 150
Light Sword ATK+7 An old army sword 100

Raynie, Rosch[edit]

Name Stats Description Sell
Der Lowe ATK+65 / HP+100 Carried by those known as lions
Death Pike ATK+58 / SPD-3 A heavy spear promising death 5600
General ATK+55 Made for leaders of armies 7250
Titanium Lance ATK+35 Perfectly optimized to pierce 3350
Diable Spear ATK+33 / MAG+48 A black spear owned by a demon 6725
Goldy Lance ATK+30 All that glitters is deadly 2150
Iron Lance ATK+25 Heavy spear made for thrusting 1050
P. Thauma Spear ATK+23 / DEF+2 A prototype thaumatech weapon 1500
Iron Spear ATK+22 A lightweight spear 900
Custom Lance ATK+20 Balanced for ease of use 800
Bronze Spear ATK+17 A simple, mass-produced spear 500
Rune Spear ATK+15 / MAG+19 Increases mana power 1250
Spear ATK+14 A thin, easy-to-use spear 150
Light Lance ATK+12 A lightweight spear 200


Name Stats Description Sell
Death Claw ATK+65 / HP-35 A claw that beckons death 2050
World Gauntlet ATK+62 For those craving power 5500
Master Fist ATK+50 / MP+30 / LUC+15 Worn by masters of fisticuffs 4050
Alloy Gauntlet ATK+49 Made with flexible metal 2900
Expert Fist ATK+44 / MP+20 / LUC+10 Worn by champion warriors 2950
Steel Gauntlet ATK+43 An arm-length metal sheath 1700
Rune Claw ATK+41 / MDF+5 Said to heighten mana 1750
Leather Gauntlet ATK+25 Worn leather gloves 150


Name Stats Description Sell
Last Knife ATK+20 / MAG+46 Often its victims' last sight 7500
Rune Dagger ATK+18 / MAG+55 / HP-20 Exchanges vitality for power 6000
Titanium Knife ATK+15 / MAG+34 Thin, made to pierce 3600
Mueke Knife ATK+13 / MAG+28 Made with lightweight metal 1900
Rhapsody ATK+12 / MAG+18 / SPD+5 Flies through air like a song 2700
Petty Knife ATK+7 / MAG+10 Small, for personal protection 150


Name Stats Description Sell
Freikugel Mercy ATK+25 / MAG+90 / DEF-15 Kills before victims feel pain
Sniper Rounds ATK+20 / MAG+3 A small, piercing bullet 900
Peacemakers ATK+17 / MAG+50 Named with cynical irony 7500
FMJ Rounds ATK+13 / MAG+38 Designed to kill 2650
Solid Slugs ATK+11 / MAG+32 A large and heavy round 1900
Snow White ATK+11 / MAG+32 / MDF+26 Pure as a fresh snowfall 3000
Normal Shell ATK+5 / MAG+14 Weak but easy to use 150
Pandur ATK+4 / MAG+24 / SPD+1 Embued with the twins' hearts 1400


Stocke, Raynie, Marco, Rosch[edit]

Name Stats Description Sell
Diamond Mail DEF+46 / MDF+37 Brilliantly shining armor 6500
Tungsten Mail DEF+42 / MDF+24 / SPD-2 Heavy, but with high defense 3200
Mythril Mail DEF+38 / MDF+64 / SPD-2 Highly protective armor 2900
Titanium Mail DEF+34 / MDF+27 Armor crafted by artisans 2650
Gospel Armor DEF+33 / MDF+23 / LUC+20 Armor of great blessings 2100
Bloody Armor ATK+10 / DEF+30 / MDF+25 Decorated with sharp thorns 2400
Iron Mail DEF+28 / MDF+22 Sheets of metal woven together 1200
Mail Vest DEF+22 / MDF+17 Leather with metal rings 600
Heavy Mail DEF+21 / MDF+15 / SPD-2 Protective but ponderous 750
Silver Mail DEF+15 / MDF+24 Laced with silver threads 550
Bronze Mail DEF+14 / MDF+10 Light, mass-produced armor 450
Brigandine DEF+8 / MDF+5 Old, military-issue vest 250

Stocke, Aht[edit]

Name Stats Description Sell
Giant Cape DEF+45 / MDF+33 / SPD-3 Rumored to be made by giants 3150
Cleansing Cape DEF+30 / MDF+36 / MAG+5 Worn by generations of shamans 3700
Clergy Raiment DEF+24 / MDF+47 Robes for those who serve God 5600
Mana Cape DEF+21 / MDF+68 / SPD-3 Glows with the light of mana 2650
White Gold Wear DEF+21 / MDF+40 Woven with white gold thread 4300
Gold Clothes DEF+15 / MDF+26 Beautiful golden fabric 1600
Hymnal Cape DEF+12 / MDF+41 / SPD-1 Embroidered with scripture 1850
Chain Kimono DEF+12 / MDF+19 Robes woven with metal links 950
Life Robe DEF+12 / MDF+19 / HP+50 Woven with a seal of life 1700
Beast Skins DEF+9 / MDF+12 Made of durable dermis 250
Handmade Poncho DEF+6 / MDF+5 A light fur poncho 100


Name Stats Description Sell
Mighty Protector DEF+28 / MDF+18 Given only to the strongest 7100
Nirvana Plate DEF+22 / MDF+45 / SPD-4 Ensures great safety 5750
Alloy Plate DEF+20 / MDF+12 A breastplate of many metals 4320
Bestial Soul ATK+10 / DEF+18 / MDF+11 Sealed with a wolf's spirit 3800
Iron Breastplate DEF+16 / MDF+9 Chest armor of dark metal 3250
Leather Cuirass DEF+8 / MDF+3 Armor of leather layers 1000
Old Breastplate DEF+4 A battle-scarred bit of armor 500


Name Stats Description Sell
Luminous Dress DEF+21 / MDF+70 / SPD-2 Emanates a mystical light 6150
Charisma Dress DEF+21 / MDF+40 A dress worn by the chosen 5050
Jeweled Gown DEF+15 / MDF+30 Bedecked with gemstones 3450
Gold Dress DEF+12 / MDF+25 Sparkly dress of golden thread 2550
Cocktail Dress DEF+6 / MDF+15 A gorgeous evening dress 1050
Simple Dress DEF+3 / MDF+10 A traditional, classy dress 500


Name Stats Description Sell
Thauma Charm MAG+10 Amulet charged with thaumatech 2500
Crystal Charm MAG+6 Made from a shard of crytal 1250
Horn Charm MAG+3 Amulet of carved Satyros horn 500
Beast Charm ATK+10 Worn by hopeful warriors 2500
Iron Charm ATK+6 A fragment of a broken sword 1250
Fang Charm ATK+3 Amulet from a Beastkind fang 500
Charm ATK+1 / MAG+1 / HP+3 An amulet worn by travelers 175
Queen Stud DEF+15 / MDF+15 Stud shaped like a chess piece 6000
Bishop Stud DEF+6 / MDF+6 Stud shaped like a chess piece 1500
Knight Stud DEF+4 / MDF+4 Stud shaped like a chess piece 750
Pawn Stud DEF+3 / MDF+3 Stud shaped like a chess piece 375
Thaumatech Orb MAG+5 / MDF+5 A thaumatech power source 1300
Wing Armlet SPD +8 Etched in a wing pattern 30000
Feather Armlet SPD+5 Etched with a feather design 15000
Wind Armlet SPD+3 Etched with an airy symbol 2500
Breeze Armlet SPD+1 Armlet with a light haste spell 750
Sprig Ring HP+30 / MP+15 Resembles a small branch 2500
Leaf Ring HP+20 / MP+10 Resembles woven leaves 1250
Seed Ring HP+10 / MP+5 Resembles a sprouting seed 500
Rabbit's Foot MP+10 / LUC+15 A token of good fortune 1100
Rose Ring HP+10 / ATK+5 A ring shaped like a rose 1200
Noah Amulet Poison/Sleep/Paralysis Res +4 Amulet with the power of Noah 1000
Emerald Poison Res +6 Jewel that repels poison 1800
Flower Ring HP+40 / MP+20
Vesper Ring HP+30 / MP+60