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Growth Ring
Drops Growth Book and Growth Book EX after battles. They increase experience.
Mole Armlet
Drops Augite Shard, Augite, and Augite Chunk when striking mana crystals. They can be sold for gold.

Divergent Histories[edit]

These quests are separate side stories and they can be accessed in Historia.

Name Recommended Lv. Requirement
Rage of the Fallen 30+ Aht must have joined the party
Under the Moonlight 30+ Eruca must have joined the party
Setting the Score 60+ Gafka must have joined the party
Meeting in the Chasm 20+ None
Bathing in Mana 10+ Aht must have joined the party

Hunting Corridor[edit]

Adds a new dungeon to the Vault of Time.

New Difficulty: DEADLY[edit]

Deadly difficulty is an even harder difficulty that cannot be changed once selected.

Art Packs[edit]

The art packs change the character portraits during events. Once Historia is unlocked, a new Portrait option is added to the Settings menu.

Chibi Art Pack
Chibi art designed by CHANxCO.
Original Art Pack
Original art from the Nintendo DS version designed by Hiroshi Konishi.