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Stocke, Marco[edit]

Name Stats Description
Claiomh Solais ATK+62 / MAG+33 / Critical damage up The original Sword of Light / Stocke only
Misericorde ATK+70 / MAG+5 / Critical damage up Sacred sword of mercy / Marco only
Crescent Edge ATK+10 / MAG+80 / DEF+40 Crescent-shaped blade filled with magic
Valiant Edge ATK+59 / MAG+23 / DEF+20 / Cannot be sold Sword given to courageous heroes
Historica ATK+58 / MAG+28 / SPD+2 Governs time / Stocke only
Pieti Edge ATK+38 / MAG+34 / SPD-2 Melancholic but deadly
Arcana Edge ATK+35 / MAG+42 / MP+25 Sacred runes are etched into the blade
Suna-Watari ATK+35 / DEF+5 / SPD-4 Garland's personal blade
Titanium Sword ATK+32 / MAG+28 Forged from strong metal
Alchemy Edge ATK+28 / MAG+26 Glows with a golden sheen
Bastard Sword ATK+25 / MAG+21 A long, wide blade
Sorcery Epee ATK+21 / MAG+18 Engraved with magical learning
Iron Sword ATK+20 / MAG+15 Honed to a razor edge
Demon Edge ATK+20 / MAG+8 / MP+10 Sword said to have sliced a demon in half
Ipetam ATK+19 / MAG+24 / MP+15 Magic sword known as the "maneater"
Rune Edge ATK+18 / MAG+14 Engraved with magic symbols
Blitz Epee ATK+17 / MAG+10 A bendy sword
Madre Blade ATK+16 / MAG+19 / HP+75 Filled with the secrets of life
Silver Edge ATK+15 / MAG+9 Rumored to ward off evil
Custom Sword ATK+14 / MAG+7 Balanced for a single wielder
Wisp Blade ATK+12 / MAG+13 / HP+50 Infused with natural spirits
Epee ATK+12 / MAG+3 Thin sword made for thrusting
Alistel Edge ATK+10 / MAG+10 / SPD+5 Given to distinguished knights
Bronze Sword ATK+10 A simple, mass-produced sword
Light Sword ATK+7 An old army sword

Raynie, Rosch[edit]

Name Stats Description
Ascalon ATK+48 / MAG+54 / Critical damage up Spear that silenced a wyvern / Raynie only
Brionac ATK+53 / MAG+52 / Critical damage up Sacred spear of sure victory / Rosch only
Der Lowe ATK+53 / HP+100 Carried by lions / Rosch only
General ATK+51 / MAG+46 / MP+10 Made for leaders of armies
Diable Spear ATK+48 / MAG+44 A black spear owned by a demon
Ohma Lance ATK+42 / MAG+42 / MP+25 Magic spear that leads souls to the end
Howling Spear ATK+40 / SPD+8 / Cannot be sold Mystic spear sought by numerous warriors
Titanium Lance ATK+33 / MAG+32 Perfectly optimized to pierce
Witch Spear ATK+31 / MAG+30 Kissed with a witch's lips
Goldy Lance ATK+30 / MAG+25 All that glitters is deadly
P. Thauma Spear ATK+27 / SPD-5 A prototype weapon / Rosch only
Buster Pike ATK+25 / MAG+26 / MP+15 Thaumatech spear with revolving spikes
Magic Spear ATK+26 / MAG+20 Engraved with magical learning
Iron Lance ATK+25 / MAG+17 Heavy spear made for thrusting
Rune Spear ATK+23 / MAG+15 Increases Mana power
Silver Spear ATK+21 / MAG+13 Etched with an evil-warding sigil
Partisan ATK+19 / MAG+29 / Cannot be sold Spear with a giant triangular tip
Custom Lance ATK+18 / MAG+6 Balanced for ease of use
Tepoztopilli ATK+16 / MAG+15 / MP+10 Thrusting spear with a multi-bladed tip
Bronze Spear ATK+16 / MAG+5 A simple, mass-produced spear
Priere Bonheur ATK+15 / MAG+47 / Fear Res+5 Filled with gentle prayers / Raynie only
Spear ATK+14 A thin, easy-to-use spear
Light Lance ATK+12 A lightweight spear


Name Stats Description
Airgetlam ATK+62 / Critical damage up Mystic gauntlet said to bring great fortune
World Gauntlet ATK+62 For those craving power
Magic Fist Forza ATK+60 / SPD+5 / Paralysis Res+5 Man's evil heart creates fists
Miracle Puncher ATK+56 / MDF+26 / LUC+15 Mysterious gloves that make you feel lucky
Bloody Claw ATK+51 / HP-20 Stained the color of blood
Alloy Gauntlet ATK+46 Made with flexible metal
Steel Gauntlet ATK+41 An arm-length metal sheath
Meowser Claw ATK+36 / MP+15 Magic claws said to have crushed all
Copper Gloves ATK+31 Made to protect the fists
Kastet ATK+28 / MP+10 Brass knuckles known as the "skullcrushers"
Rune Claw ATK+26 / MDF+10 Said to heighten Mana
Leather Gloves ATK+25 Worn leather gloves
Master Fist ATK+23 / MP+30 / LUC+15 Worn by masters of fisticuffs


Name Stats Description
Sibylline ATK+37 / MAG+62 / Critical damage up Sacred knife give to a pure shaman
Last Knife ATK+32 / MAG+60 Often its victims' last sight
Promised Knife ATK+19 / MAG+58 / HP-30 Actually two knives entwined
Titanium Knife ATK+25 / MAG+45 Thin, made to pierce
Death Dagger ATK+28 / MAG+41 Has a unique, deadly shape
Shining Knife ATK+53 / MAG+38 / HP+40 Dagger that shimmers with a green glow
Mueke Knife ATK+20 / MAG+37 Made with lightweight metal
Aubade ATK+16 / MAG+33 / MP+15 Magic knife that leads souls to dawn
Custom Knife ATK+16 / MAG+28 Made for throwing
Bloody Dagger ATK+10 / MAG+24 / MP+10 Dagger dyed red from endless bloodbaths
Cursed Dagger ATK+62 / MAG+23 / SPD-1 Feared as much as dark magic
Nocturne ATK+15 / MAG+22 / LUC+10 A black blade for hidden death
Red Dagger ATK+14 / MAG+21 Bloodstained to the grip
Knife ATK+9 / MAG+16 A simple knife
Rhapsody ATK+12 / MAG+12 / SPD+5 Flies through air like a song
Pretty Knife ATK+7 / MAG+10 Small, for personal protection


Name Stats Description
Gandiva ATK+36 / MAG+63 / Critical damage up Sacred rounds that tear through dimensions
Mercy Bullet ATK+40 / MAG+70 / DEF-15 Kills before victims feel pain
Zamiel Bullet ATK+28 / MAG+60 Said to never miss its mark
Vega ATK+20 / MAG+44 Glitters as coldly as a star
Chisha ATK+22 / MAG+42 / HP+40 Blessed bullets for wasteland wanderers
FMJ Rounds ATK+13 / MAG+38 Designed to kill
Snow White ATK+12 / MAG+33 / MDF+20 Pure as a fresh snowfall
Solid Slugs ATK+11 / MAG+32 A large and heavy round
Edelweiss ATK+5 / MAG+32 / Cannot be sold Pure white bullets dripping with class
Polka Manashot ATK+15 / MAG+26 / MP+15 Mystic bullets that boost magical power
Pandur ATK+22 / MAG+22 / LUC+12 Imbued with the twins' hearts
Danshi ATK+6 / MAG+16 / MP+10 Bullets that pierce with a rhythmic sound
Normal Shell ATK+5 / MAG+14 Weak but easy to use
Sniper Rounds ATK+10 / MAG+13 / SPD+3 A small, piercing bullet


Stocke, Raynie, Marco, Rosch[edit]

Name Stats Description
Norn Mail DEF+43 / MDF+48 / Mana gauge rate up From a goddess of time / Stocke only
Silent Mail DEF+52 / MDF+39 / Mana gauge rate up Holds quieting powers / Marco only
Orichalc Mail DEF+75 / MDF+30 / SPD-10 Notoriously difficult to forge
Vendetta DEF+71 / MDF+47 / HP+113 Thirsts for blood
Diamond Mail DEF+46 / MDF+47 Brilliant shining armor
Mythril Mail DEF+43 / MDF+43 / All resistances +1 Highly protective armor
Adamant Mail DEF+40 / MDF+40 Designed for durability
Carnage Armor DEF+34 / MDF+50 / HP+35 Drives away carnage
Tungsten Mail DEF+32 / MDF+28 Heavy, but with high defenses
Radgrid DEF+31 / MDF+46 / SPD+5 Worn by fierce warrior maidens
Iron Mail DEF+28 / MDF+26 Sheets of metal woven together
Lethal Guard DEF+25 / MDF+23 / HP+15 Protects from fatal blows
Sable Larme DEF+24 / MDF+25 / MAG+5 Supposedly of sand god tears
Runic Mail DEF+23 / MDF+23 Charmed to repel evil spirits
Gospel Armor DEF+20 / MDF+23 / LUC+20 Armor of great blessings
Mail Vest DEF+20 / MDF+18 Leather with metal rings
Heavy Mail DEF+18 / MDF+16 Protective but ponderous
Silver Mail DEF+17 / MDF+13 Laced with silver threads
Full Plate DEF+15 / MDF+15 / HP+10 Covers the entire body
Bronze Mail DEF+12 / MDF+8 Light, mass-produced armor
Brigandine DEF+8 / MDF+5 Old, military-issue vest

Stocke, Aht[edit]

Name Stats Description
Moirae Manteau DEF+48 / MDF+41 / SPD+5 From a goddess of time / Stocke only
Giant Cape DEF+45 / MDF+5 / SPD-8 Rumored to be made by giants
Sunrise Cape DEF+30 / MDF+55 A cape made of sunlight
Gracious Cape DEF+28 / MDF+42 / MP+15 Made with gratitude to the land
Precious Garb DEF+21 / MDF+40 Woven with white gold thread
Gemstone Cape DEF+18 / MDF+36 Decorated with precious gems
Cleansing Cape DEF+17 / MDF+36 / MAG+10 Worn by generations of shamans
Chain Kimono DEF+16 / MDF+33 Robes woven with metal links
Gold Clothes DEF+15 / MDF+29 Beautiful golden fabric
Metallic Cape DEF+13 / MDF+25 Cloth with a layer of metal
Hymnal Cape DEF+11 / MDF+21 Embroidered with scripture
Sun Robe DEF+10 / MDF+22 / HP+10 Feels warm to the touch
Silver Cape DEF+9 / MDF+18 Woven for spiritual protection
Beast Skins DEF+8 / MDF+12 Made of durable dermis
Fluffy Poncho DEF+6 / MDF+5 A light fur poncho
Mana Cape DEF+5 / MDF+68 / SPD-3 Glows with the light of Mana
Life Robe DEF+5 / MDF+5 / HP+50 Woven with a seal of life


Name Stats Description
Champ Guard ATK+3 / DEF+26 / MDF+25 For those with determination
Nirvana Plate DEF+22 / MDF+22 / All resistances +1 Ensures great safety
Rune Guard DEF+21 / MDF+34 / MP+20 Imbued with special runes
Running Sand DEF+16 / MDF+9 Enhances running speed
Iron Plate DEF+14 / MDF+7 Chest armor of dark metal
Chain Byrnie DEF+12 / MDF+5 A shirt of heavy chain
Leather Cuirass DEF+8 / MDF+3 Armor of leather layers
Adamsguard DEF+7 / MDF+1 / HP+10 Does not yield, not matter what
Old Breastplate DEF+4 A battle-scarred bit of armor


Name Stats Description
Patriot Dress DEF+36 / MDF+33 / MAG+15 Evokes deep sadness
Apollo Dress DEF+28 / MDF+57 A dress made of sunlight
Luminous Dress DEF+21 / MDF+50 / MP+50 Emanates a mystical light
Jeweled Gown DEF+16 / MDF+38 Bedecked with gemstones
Cocktail Dress DEF+13 / MDF+34 A gorgeous evening dress
Gold Dress DEF+11 / MDF+30 Sparkly dress of golden thread
Silver Dress DEF+5 / MDF+14 The silver thread repels evil
Dawn Dress DEF+4 / MDF+11 / HP+10 Tinted with hues of dawn
Simple Dress DEF+3 / MDF+10 A traditional classy dress
Shadow Dress DEF+1 / MDF+5 / SPD+5 Promises silent footsteps


Name Stats Description
Goddess Charm MAG+15 Filled with prayers
Warrior Charm ATK+15 Useful for those in training
Beast Charm ATK+10 Worn by hopeful warriors
Crystal Charm MAG+6 Made from a shard of crystal
Iron Charm ATK+6 A fragment of a broken sword
Lizard Charm ATK+4 / MAG+4 / SPD+1 Comes with a long lived tail
Fang Charm ATK+3 Amulet from a Beastkind fang
Charm ATK+1 / MAG+1 / HP+3 An amulet worn by travelers
Rabbit's Foot MP+10 / LUC+15 A token of good fortune
Agent's Badge MP+20 / SPD+1 Recognizable by many
Noah Amulet Poison/Sleep/Stone Res +4 Amulet with the power of Noah
Bandit Doll Fear/Paralysis/Sleep Res +4 Looks like the Desert Crow Bram
Fire Charm Increases Fire potency Shaped like a rampaging fire god
Machine Stud DEF+9 / MDF+3 Adorned with thaumatech
Bishop Stud DEF+6 / MDF+6 Stud shaped like a chess piece
Camel Stud DEF+5 / MDF+5 / LUC+1 Adorned with a camel
Sky Armlet SPD+10 Etched with a flying bird
Wing Armlet SPD+8 Etched in a wing pattern
Feather Armlet SPD+5 Etched with a feather design
Soaring Armlet MP+30 / SPD+4 Etched with bird-like symbols
Wind Armlet SPD+3 Etched with an airy symbol
Breeze Armlet SPD+1 Armlet with a light haste spell
Sprig Ring HP+30 / MP+15 Resembles a small branch
Leaf Ring HP+20 / MP+10 Resembles woven leaves
Rose Ring HP+10 / ATK+5 A ring shaped like a rose
Root Ring HP+5 / MP+15 Shaped like a massive root
Seed Ring HP+10 / MP+5 Resembles a sprouting seed
Fuzz Ring HP+10 / SPD+5 Shaped like a ball of fluff
Aeon Jewel All resistances +3 Protects from all ails
Quartz All resistances +1 Makes one feel invulnerable
Memory Drops Fear/Curse/Stone Res +4 Jewels that ward off evil
Emerald Poison Res +6 Jewel that repels poison
Thaumatech Orb MAG+5 / DEF+5 A thaumatech power source