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These parts of the story are only available after the split, and if you chose the follow Ridley instead of going to the castle. Obviously, all the characters you can recruit from this point forward are non-human (except for a few like Gawain, Gantz, and Ridley). Any human characters you might have recruited will be removed from your Friends List, which is now located in Fort Helencia. All the humans will still be in the Friends List from your menu.

Instead of getting missions from Thanos, you will now be getting them from the council room. If you aren't sure what to do next, go in there and talk to everyone.

Getting Started[edit]

You want to head towards the City of Flowers. You can't take the Travel Pig, which means that you will be fighting with just you and Ridley. If you have been leveling up, that won't be a problem. You probably want to save your game in a different slot before you leave town. If you didn't recruit that many non-humans, you might run into problems with too weak of a party. If so, then you will want to level up a bit.

You will see a number of cut scenes on your way there. The healing spot outside Fort Helencia is gone, but the save flag is still there.

When you arrive, you will see a cut scene. When you get control, travel to Fort Helencia. You will be fighting any critters along the way on your own. The healing spot will be back, and you probably want to save before you approach the fort.

More cut scenes, some fights, rinse, repeat. When it all ends, you will wake up inside Fort Helencia, and Ridley will tell you to come to the strategy meeting. This is your new room, with all the comforts of home: a save point, a bed, and a record player.

Meeting with Parsec[edit]

There will be a cut scene of a strategy meeting, where you will learn the background story from the fairy creatures' point of view. If you took my advice and have already chosen the Human Path in a previous game, you might notice that many of the major story events in the game still happen, but you get the see the other side of the story. In both paths, Cross is obnoxious.

Before you take off on your first mission, you should talk to everyone. You will get a chance to reruit some more characters, and to set up two shops. If you have already played the human path and the bonus dungeon, you should have a lot of money which you can use to recruit the two shop owners.

You will be stuck with Ridley and Coco, so you can pick one other character to be in your party. You will notice the Friends List in the Courtyard of the fort. I recommend Romaria, your healer, but you could also include Gil after you recruit him.

There are a number of characters that are available to recruit at this point. See Recruit: Meeting with Parsec for details.

Goblin Haven[edit]

After you have recruited everyone possible, you can set off for Goblin Haven. The Travel Pig isn't working, so you will have to walk. Stop off at Wind Valley if you want some experience and money. You can also get the one handed sword Jinn. A strength: 62, element: wind, cp: 10, additional: paralyze weapon. Once in Wind Valley, go to the first set of totem poles and kick the left one. Enter the wind stream and get blown over to the left island. Cross the bridge and kick the chest. You will fight a jinn. Once beaten you receive the sword. Also while there, if you keep searching you can find a stone that acts like a berry that increases all of your stats by a couple of points.

When you get to the Goblin Haven area (across the bridge), take some time to wander around and get used to the area. There are a lot of dead-ends, and a few loops as well. Kick the mushrooms to go up and down. Coco will leave your party once you arrive at the actual place.

If you run across Ricky before you arrive, you can recruit him if you go back to the bridge and find his wolf.

Once you arrive at Goblin Haven, use the Save Point. you will be able to start recruiting some more characters. See Recruit: Goblin Haven for details.

First Fight with Gawain[edit]

You can't beat Gawain the first time, but you can then fight him as often as you want. He doesn't recover HP between fights, so eventually you should be able to beat him.

Once you have fought him, more characters become available. See Recruit: First Fight with Gawain for details.

Once you defeat Gawain, more characters will be available. See Recruit: Defeat Gawain for details.

Escort Gawain to Fort Helencia[edit]

After you have recruited as many characters as you want, you can head back to Fort Helencia for some cut scenes. If you don't already have the skill "King of the Night", do enough link fights to learn it from Gawain. When you get back, take everyone out of your party, then talk to Coco, so you can recruit him. (Make sure you don't talk to Mikey before this; otherwise, he will be stuck in your party until you get back from Algandars Castle.

At this point, more characters should be available: Recruit: Escort Gawain to Fort Helencia.

Here are the missions you will have available:

  • Algandars Castle
Talk to Mikey, and he will ask you to take him to Algandars Castle to look for a possible cure to the disease. The inside of the castle is basically the same as it was during the Human Path, including the boss fight.
  • Goblin Cemetery
If you talk to Marco, who sells books just outside the upper entrance to Goblin Haven, he will ask you to find a book in the Goblin Cemetery. He will be surprised that you know the secret password. Most of the monsters in the cemetery are too weak to be of much use for leveling up, so just run through to the boss room and then run back out. (it's times like this that I wish the game had an "Exit" spell.)
When you give the book to Marco, he will pay you a reward. He isn't available for recruiting yet, but he will be available shortly.
  • Special Ore
Talk to Dyvad in Fort Helencia, who is looking for some very special ore in Earth Valley. Use the Travel Pig to get there and find it for him in the mine. Go straight through the first room, then take the exit in the back wall in the second room.
As with the Goblin Cemetery, the monsters here aren't worth fighting too much, so just run through the area and get the treasure. Of course, you will have a boss fight at the end, but it isn't that tough. When you give the ore to Dyvad, he will give you a Deep Lance (which you probably already have). Talk to him again and you can recruit him.

Fight Elwen[edit]

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep in Jack's room and watch some cut scenes. When it is over, you should head towards Fire Mountain. Before you go, though, you can stop back at Goblin Haven and recruit Marco.

When you start across the bridge past the Green Goblin Village, you will run into Elwen. You don't have to beat her, but if you want to try, it won't be easy. For starters, you want to fight her at night, since she has King of the Day. What makes this easier is that your whole party will be fighting her, not just you. If she starts to flash, then defend and let your party fight her until she has used her volty. (Sometimes she uses her volty to cure herself.)

If you aren't at around 2,000 HP, then consider leveling up before you try. If you have a lot of money, you can buy some Life Berries from Danny at Goblin Haven. Take the Travel Pig to Lupus Gate, then walk to Earth Valley, taking all the side roads. (See the discussion on leveling up in the intro.) Use the money to buy more Life Berries. Keep this up until you are either 2,000 HP or too bored to continue.

After the fight, more characters should be available. See Recruit: Fight Elwen for details.

Cross and the Fire Dragon[edit]

If you didn't get a Blood Orc Horn for Zida yet, here is where you can get one fairly easily. This area is basically the same as when you are on the Human Path, so read that section if you haven't done that yet.

You can't beat Cross, so don't worry about the fight. As with the Human Path, there are two chests that you won't be able to get to this time through the area (because of cut scenes, and you being returned to the fort). Don't forget to come back later and get them.

At the end of the fight, sit back and watch a bunch of cut scenes. You won't get Parsec's match for the Non-Human Path.

Ganz and Ridley are available for your party for a while. If you have been leveling up, you probably don't want to consider them. Ganz will be in the final party, so if you haven't been leveling up, now might be a good time to put Ganz in your party and get into a bunch of fights.

When you want to game to progress, speak to Gawain. When you next get control, you probably want to equip your new sword. Speak to Zane to get your next assignments. J.J. is near the City of Flowers. Use the Travel Pig, then go west, north, then north and east. (This is where a Tsuchinoko can be found sometimes.)

It doesn't matter how you answer his question. You will have to go to the Blood Orc home world in order to get J.J. to join. There is a Travel Pig nearby, which makes returning easy. Go down the rope and keep making your way down to the bottom where you will fight Galvados, the head Blood Orc. On your way down, find the King's Toadstool, which you need to recruit a few black goblins. You can only carry one at a time, so you will have to come back each time you need one. When you are all done, talk to J.J., and then report back to Zane.

For details on who you can recruit at this point, see Recruit: Cross and the Fire Dragon.

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep in your room. You might want to save your game, just in case. You will have one fight and a bunch of cut scenes. When you get control again, talk to everyone, ending with Zane.

You will get a letter from Ridley. You will automatically be sent to the meeting place when the time comes, so you can spend time leveling up, recruiting, or whatever. After the cut scenes, sleep to progress the game. You will have to include Ganz in your final party. If you have been fighting with him already, then fine, but if the rest of your party is a lot above Ganz, you might want to level him up a bit. You will run into Gerald, but again, it will be your entire party to fight, not just you.

End of the World (Non-Human)[edit]

Except for the cut scenes, this is basically the same ending as the human path. And, except for Ganz, I think it is a better ending than the human side, which is one of the reasons I recommend that you save this ending for last.