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This part of the game is only available after the split, and only if you chose to go to the castle rather than follow Ridley.

Any non-human characters that you previously recruited in this game will no longer become available for missions. They will still remain in your friends list in the menu section.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

This section of the walkthrough covers the events if you chose the human path, which means you went to the castle instead of following Ridley.

Meeting at Castle[edit]

If you chose to go to the castle, you will show up for a strategy meeting. After a series of cut scenes, you will gain control outside of the castle. Make sure you don't sleep at Jack's house until you are ready to progress to the next part of the game.

You are now free to recruit some more characters, buy new weapons, etc. If you are short of money, just buy the weapons instead of the armor. You will be getting two sets of new armor for free shortly.

Once you are done recruiting who is available, you might consider leveling up some of the new characters. On the other hand, if you have been leveling up a lot, it will take a long time to raise the new characters to the current level of your party. Since will you probably be replacing them with the guild leaders eventually, you might want to keep that in mind.

Thanos will tell you about a guy in Carl's Pub who turns out to be Jasne crying about Ridley leaving. You should visit Kain, Ortoroz, and Ray C. Ross (who is the owl in the president's office of the Vareth Institute). Each of them will assign two members to work with you. You should recruit them at this time, along with some additional characters that are now available. For more details, see Recruitment: Meeting at Castle.

Leave for Wind Valley[edit]

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep at Jack's house. You will not be able to leave Radiata City by any other gate until you return from Wind Valley, so make sure you've done everything you need before this. You will see some cut scenes with Ganz, Flau, and Rynka, and then Al will wake you up and tell you about Wind Valley.

When you wake up, some new missions will be available. You can do them either before or after your trip to Wind Valley. I like to do them before since both missions give me some nice armor that can come in handy. Before you leave, read the note on recruiting Dynas in the next section.

Here are the missions that are available to you:

  • Stop Lord Star
This mission will allow you to recruit Lord Star and Sebestian, and some armor that will prevent all status afflictions. Complete this mission before the battle golem and it can help you with that fight.
  • Another Battle Golem
This mission will allow you to recruit Ursula
Instead of getting paid, you will get some new armor that resists all status afflictions.

Once you are done with the above missions, you can recruit some characters. For more details, see Recruitment: Leave for Wind Valley.

Wind Valley[edit]

You can fight the fake transporters for experience, collect the various treasures, or go directly to the Wind Dragon.

The Strategy Guide has a map that can show you which are real and which are monsters. There might also be a map available from gamefaqs, but you really don't need any maps to tell the difference. If you approach a real transporter, the camera will turn to show you where you will be blown across to. If you approach a fake transporter, this doesn't happen.

Read the notes about recruiting Dynas before you approach the back area with the Wind Dragon. I never had any problems with the Wind Dragon, even with only three in my party. Remember, however, that I tend to level up a lot, so if you don't do that, you might want to be more careful.

For instructions about recruiting Dynas, see Recruitment: Wind Valley.

Return From Wind Valley[edit]

After the Wind Dragon has been defeated, you will get some cut scenes and end up near Fort Helencia, where you will encounter Sir Gawain. You won't be able to win this battle, so don't worry about it.

Next will be some more cut scenes where Jack is in the Castle Infirmary. After this will be a touching cut scene with Ganz and Cody. When its all over, you will gain control of Jack outside of the castle.

When you get back from Wind Valley, you can do the previous missions if you decided not to do them before. You will also have some new missions available:

  • Defeat Rocky
This mission will allow you to recruit Rocky. (The strategy guide claims you can get this after the duel with Gawain, but I got it after the monk training mission.)
Even though Rocky is part of the Olacion Order, you don't need to recruit him in order to get Kain.
  • Algandars Castle
This will allow you to recruit Ardoph and Dimitri, and get the Demon Armor, as well as the Book of Angels that Leona is looking for.
The Demon Mail has a very high defense, but continually drains Jack of HP. Personally, I don't care for it, but others think it is great. If you wear it, then you should either have Auto Cure equipped or have the healer concentrate on healing you.

For instructions on how to recruit more characters, see Recruitment: Return From Wind Valley.

Meet with Dynas[edit]

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep at Jack's house. You will be invited to meet with Dynas. Then you will meet the large man from Vancoor Square again, who wants you to help him get into the castle. (Great timing, huh?) Go to the castle for the meeting, watch the movies, and you will gain control outside of the castle when the meeting is over.

At this point, you will be allowed to enter the castle. This means you can recruit some new characters, and finish recruiting Walter. For details, see Recruit: Meet with Dynas.

Fire Mountain[edit]

If you sleep twice at Jack's place, you will be ready to leave for Fire Mountain. There will be some cut scenes, of course, so sit back and take note. If you look at the face of the fire dragon when he takes off, you might notice a resemblance to a previous character. You will have to travel through the Goblin town, so either avoid the goblins or fight them for experience. (You will have to fight some, but there are others you can avoid.) The map in the strategy guide doesn't show it, but there is a recovery circle in the north east section of the area.

There are two areas to fire mountain. In the first area, rocks will rise and fall periodically. This means that you can't move forward or back for a certain period of time. If you get to a ledge, wait a few seconds to see if a passage opens up.

If you didn't get the Blood Orc's Horn earlier using the training method, here is where you can find one. You will see a Blood Orc on a side path as you first enter, and there is another one on top of a vine/branch at the west end of the first area. Once you enter into the second area (climb down a vine at the north west corner of the first area), you will find some more.

When you get close to the Fire Dragon's home, a cut scene will take over. Also, after you beat the Fire Dragon, you will automatically be taken back to the castle. This means you want to come back later and open a couple of chests that you couldn't get on your first trip.

Meet Genius in the Sewers[edit]

A new mission will be available concerning the sewers again. Be very careful before you take on this mission. It will trigger two events: Ganz's Letter, and the Fireworks Date. If you don't want either of them to kick in, you should avoid finishing the mission.

If you wondered about the shrine that Elwen and Alicia visit every day, there is another strange thing down there. Head there, but this time you will see a cut scene when you get to the square room. It appears that the original builders of the city constructed some things down there. Genius will show you some strange paintings and explain a few things. He is trying to figure some things out, but is stumped. You will actually give Genius a clue to solving his riddle.

When the cut scenes are done, you will be outside of the place where Genius is staying. Go back inside and talk to him to recruit him.

Once the mission is complete, you can recruit the following some additional characters. For details on who can be recruited, see Recruit: Meet Genius in the Sewers. Avoid going into Jack's house if you don't want to progress the game.

Ganz's Letter[edit]

At this point, the Blood Orc homeworld is accessible. That is a great place to level up if you need to. That is the area next to the Ocho region. If you tried to go there earlier in the game, Jack would stop and say something about coming back later. This is later. None of the other new areas that you visit from the non-human path are available.

If you haven't done the non-human path, near the Travel Pig is a rock with a rope hanging down. Use it to descend to the Orc Caves. One of the things you can get there is a Kings Toadstool, which isn't of use (except you can sell it), but it is used to recruit some black goblins on the non-human path. It doesn't carry over between games, but I have been told that if you sell it to the first store in the Void Community, it will be available for sale during the next game. This will let you recruit one black goblin early, but you actually need more than one to recruit all the black goblins. Maybe more than one store will have it for sale during the next game, which could help.

If you sleep at Jack's house, you will receive a letter from Ganz, followed by some other cut scenes. Some new characters will then be available. See Recruit: Ganz's Letter.

Fireworks Date[edit]

If you then pass your mailbox (possibly a day later), you will notice a letter inviting you to the fireworks. This is a cut scene type event. The person you will be watching the fireworks with is the female candidate with the highest affection score, typically the one that has been in your party the most, or otherwise one that has been spoken to frequently. (For this date, Charlie counts as a female.) Not all females are listed in the strategy guide (Elwen isn't, for example.) See the separate section on the Fireworks Date.

Fight at Lupus Gate[edit]

If you sleep, you will set in motion a number of cut scenes, ending in a battle at Lupus Gate. You are going to have to do two battles in a row, so you might want to save your volty for the second fight (or equip "Save Volty" so you don't use it all up on the first attack.)

When all the cut scenes are over, you are standing outside of Lupus Gate. You probably want to go back and save before you start the end of the game.

At this point you can recruit two more characters. See Recruit: Fight at Lupus Gate for details.

End of the World[edit]

Leave the Lupus Gate and make your way to the Ocho Region. There will be orcs guarding that area. Follow the main path to the end of the area, and you will be in the Desneuf Region. The really nice thing is that there is a Travel Pig there, so coming back will be much easier.

Once you have entered the City of White Nights, you can recruit your final character (Adele). See Recruit: End of the World for details.

The City of White Nights is a series of ladders and sand falls, something like chutes and ladders. Some ladders will take you to the next level, while others will break and drop you down to some level below. Likewise, if you walk into a sand spill, you will get knocked down a level or two. Walk slow to avoid them. They only flow for a short time, and then you can move past them. As you saw when you first entered, the path is actually circular, so if you move off the right side of any map you are using, will you be located somewhere on the left side.

The Strategy Guide has a map with one glaring omission (well, several, but one that will seriously impact you if you are using it.) Around the first blue arrow indicating falling from a broken ladder above you is a sand spill that isn't indicated in the map. The first couple times I kept forgetting and kept getting knocked off. I then had to figure out where I was and continue from there.

Actually, you want to get knocked off at a certain place so that you can move to the next area. The only way to get from the entrance area to the final boss is to drop down to a different level at some point. The gamefaqs website has a map that has some stuff missing, but will show you some things that aren't on the map in the Strategy Guide. I will provide instructions on how to get all the treasures, since there really isn't any good map that I know of for this area. Walk slowly so you can see the sand falls, otherwise you will fall off and probably have trouble figuring out where you are and how to get back.

When you enter the actual area, walk up the only ladder, and head right. Ignore the first ladder and then walk slowly (avoiding the sand fall) so you can go up the second. Work your way to the top to find a Tsuchinoko Dumpling. Go left, up, right, up, left, up, and left, up for the dumpling. The dumpling is at the left end of the top level, even though the Strategy Guide claims otherwise. (Remember that they will carry over between games, so even if you don't think you need it, you can save it for a later game.

Go back down four levels, then travel to the far right and go up the last ladder. To the left of you should be a healing spot that isn't in the Strategy Guide map. At this point, you want to fall down to a lower level. The first ladder to your right will collapse. Climb it and you will fall down a few levels, or walk a few more steps and let the sand fall take you to the same place.

The Falvern is at the far right of the current level. Walk slowly, but if you get knocked down to the next level, you can take either ladder back up. You will have a small fight when you open the trunk, but you get experience and gold when it is over, followed by the sword. Equip the sword, since it has a higher attack power (127) than what you probably have, plus a side effect of death, and a CP of 15, which is very handy.

The remaining sections have lots of sand falls, so make sure you walk slowly to avoid them. If you mess up, then hunt around until you find the healing point or the empty chest for the Falvern to get your bearings.

From the Falvern chest, head back to your left, ignoring the first two up ladders, and avoiding the sand fall, then go up the third (or fourth) ladder. Go right, up, right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up. It isn't as confusing as it sounds, since in many cases there is only one ladder going up.

You will be standing on a platform where you can go either left or right. If you want to Monk Bangle, go right and take the second ladder up, and to the far right for the chest. after you get the bangle, head left, down, and then left until you get to the first down ladder, which will bring you back to where you started. (Don't go down the ladder).

Move left and up the first ladder. You want to move left again, but be very careful here. By this time, you might have developed a bad habit of standing close to a sand fall, then running across the area when it stops. Don't do that here. There are two sand falls right in a row. Walk left, wait until the first one stops, then walk through the area and stand just to the left of the first sand fall. Wait until the second one finishes before you move on. The first one is right when you get to the top of the ladder. You will be standing between two sand falls if you do it right. When the left one finishes, go left and up the stairs.

Step in the healing spot and save at the flag. You might want to put the controller down, get up and walk around a bit, patting yourself on the back for getting to the end of the game. All that's left is the final boss. Keep an eye on the health meters, commanding Kain to heal as soon as someone takes any significant damage. Whenever the volty meter fills up, instruct Elwen to use her volty, which is much stronger than Jack's.

Watch the ending and the credits, and then confirm that you want to save your game. This will allow you to visit the post-game bonus dungeon, and/or start a new game, keeping some of the stats from this one. See the Post-Game section for what to do next.

Fireworks Date[edit]

One of the interesting features of this game is the Fireworks Date. At some point after you meet Genius in the sewers, you will find a letter in your mailbox. It will be an invitation to see the fireworks at the castle. The person that shows up to watch them with you is the female that has been in your party the longest time. (Charlie is a possible fireworks date.)

You won't see any X-rated stuff. For the most part, you see the two characters who are watching the fireworks, and at some point, the female looks at Jack and smiles.

The other place where this matters is at the very end of the game. There is a cut scene with Jack leaving Radiata, and you can see the "fireworks date" watching him go.

The Strategy Guide has a list of possible dates, but I think it is wrong in a few places:

  • Flau and Rynka are both possible dates, but since they are recruited just before this event, you would have to avoid any females in your party if you wanted them to be at the fireworks. You can easily recruit Flau before the fireworks, but I'm not sure Rynka can be done, since it takes several days to recruit her.
  • Likewise, Natalie is listed as a possible date, but you can't recruit her until after the fight at Lupus Gate, so I'm not sure how you can do that.

Here is the date list from the Strategy Guide, along with comments about the actual date.

  • Adina
  • Alicia
  • Anastasia
  • Charlie
  • Claudia
  • Cornelia/Rachel
  • Elena
  • Flau
  • Flora
  • Herz
  • Iris
  • Jill
  • Leona
  • Lily
She wears a white and blue top with her midriff showing, and a pair of blue shorts. She has red sunglasses on.
  • Lulu
  • Marietta
  • Miranda
She wears the same white gown she changes into before going to bed. If you've seen her near the lamp post around midnight, that is the outfit
  • Morgan
  • Natalie
I can't figure out how Natalie could end up on the date, since you can't recruit her until after the battle at Lupus Gate, which is after the fireworks scene.
  • Nina
  • Rynka
This is another character I'm not sure you can get for the fireworks scene. The fireworks is two days after Ganz' letter, and it takes three days to recruit Rynka (Cody's neclace, what he wants for his birthday, and then you talk to her the following day.)
  • Synelia
  • Ursula
  • Vitas