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  • Escort a Dwarf
This mission will take you to the Dwarf Village in Earth Valley.
This is the first real chance you get to fight and level up. Take your time getting there, fighting everything you can. If you come across some people, you can kick them to duel them.
Once you get to Earth Valley, go to the large gold building, and then save your game. You can spend as much time as you want leveling up at this point, as long as you don't sleep. You should start out by dueling the shop owners. The blacksmiths and miners are much stronger. If you are brave (or already have the Auto Cure Skill), you can wander into the Dwarf Caves and gain some experience. After your first game, this is a great way to level up in the early parts of the game. By equipping the Auto Cure status, you can duel just about anyone. If your HP gets low, then just run around for a while avoiding getting hit until your HP is back up. If you got the Tri-Emblem skill, you probably want to keep that equipped most of the time, and switch to Auto Cure if your HP gets low. You can stretch this mission out indefinitely if you don't sleep or talk to Ridley and Ganz.
Visit the pub to get a solo mission and earn an item. Talk to the bartender, agree to help, visit the bar when it is closed, and go back and talk to the bartender. When asked, be honest. When you get back to the Castle, you can wander around kicking things. Make sure you get the Knight's Edge sword in the locker next to the training room, and the Strength Berry in the sub-basement "Path of the Spider". Sleep to progress the story.