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Box artwork for Raging Blades.
Raging Blades
System(s)PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Beat em up, Hack and slash
ModesSingle player, Co-op, Multiplayer
Rating(s)VET 11+
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Raging Blades is a linear 3D fantasy Beat 'em up and hack and slash game for PlayStation 2.

Game can be played alone or with an other player in versus or the main mode. Options can be changed for example difficulty, HZ, blood, load and save. The difficulty is important because the game cannot be finished with easy.

The game stops before the second last stage telling the player to try harder difficulty. The difficulty makes more or less continues depending what is chosen. The default setting is normal. The game is difficult.

First character must be chosen. In the main mode four characters can be chosen including monk, knight, barbarian and a magician. Each have different attacks and stats. Knight is the middle guy excelling in nothing but neither being bad. Barbarian has high defense and attack but is slow and has bad magic. Magician is good at magic. Monk is the fastest and does not use any weapons.

Each character has different story but the stages are in different order, fixed and always skip a stage or few stages. In two player game the player with the first controller determines the story of the game. Story unfolds after stage is complete.

The characters have two attacks, dash and magic. Attacks can be mixed to do different kinds of attacks. Magic is just a super attack that gives invincibility while doing the attack. Dash can be used to get quickly out of harms way. Magic and dash use special bar. It can be filled by being hurt, hitting enemies or picking up certain item.

Main mode is a standard beat em up like game beating the enemies before time runs out. Enemies must be defeated before going further in the stage. At the end of the stage boss usually awaits. The bosses are fixed but there is a one boss that may replace the stage boss. Player has a radar to help locate enemies.

Almost all stages have items that can be broken to reveal pickups. Pickups include vampire, invincibility, health, special increase item, power of thunder and fire. Vampire makes health for player by hitting the enemies. Fire and thunder makes the attack elemental. Invincibility, health and special increase item are self explanatory.

Versus mode has more characters because main modes enemies can be chosen. After choosing characters participators battle in an arena.

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