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Male Acolyte (Ragnarok Online).png The Acolyte
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Stat Advice[edit]

Strength- Somewhat necessary for a Monk, not so much for a Priest unless you're making a Battle Priest

Agility- As with the defensive stats (AGI & VIT), it is up to personal preference. Agility helps avoid attacks and may be more useful to the weaker Priest.

Vitality- As with defensive stats (AGI & VIT), it is up to personal preference. Vitality helps reduce damage and may be more useful to the more physical Monk.

Intelligence- Intelligence is a must for magic-classes such as the Acolyte and the Mage. It is even more so if you plan to become a Priest, as it helps increase the effect of skills/spells as well as the amount of SP the character has available.

Dexterity- Useful, as it both decreases casting time and helps with Hit. Whether you plan to be a Monk or a Priest, dexterity helps.

Luck- Fairly usless for both the Monk and the Priest, though it does increase chance of Turn Undead's success.

Stat Builds[edit]

FOR 1x to load some gems if you need someone resurrect

AGI 01 no use in this build

VIT 7x to have a good hp, defense and resistance to negative effects

INT 8x to increase the effectiveness of abilities like healing and increase your sp

DES 5x to decrease cast spells, preventing deaths partners

SOR 01 no use in this build

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]


Active Skills[edit]

  • Required for: (Priest, Lv 3) Increase Agility, (Priest, Lv 2) Cure

Heals the target's hp. Can be used offensively against undead monsters to cause damage by holding the shift button.

Aqua Benedicta
  • Required for: (Priest, Lv 1) Aspersio

Uses an Empty Bottle item to create a bottle of Holy Water. Holy Water can be consumed to heal the curse status or used later as Priest to enchant targets with Holy Property attacks.

Ruwach - Reveals hidden characters and monsters within range.
--Required for: (Acolyte, Lv 1) Teleport

Angelus - Increases all party members Def against Undead and Demon type.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 3 Divine Protection
--Required for: (Priest, Lv 2) Kyrie Elison

Blessing - Increases the target's STR, INT, and DEX. Also cures the Curse and Stone Curse status effects. Can be used offensively against undead and demons to decrease their stats instead by Cursing them.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 5 Divine Protection

Cure - Cures target player of Silence, Chaos and Blind status effects. Can be used offensively against demon and undead to cause the Chaos status effect on them.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 2 Heal

Increase Agility - Increases the target's agility stat. Can be used on monsters by holding shift.
--Required for: (Acolyte, Lv 1) Decrease Agility

Teleport - Teleports the user. Level 1 teleports to a random place on the current map and Lv 2 enables the user to choose to warp to their save point instead.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 1 Ruwach
--Required for: (Acolyte, Lv 2) Warp Portal

Signum Crusis - Decreases the Def all onscreen Undead and Shadow property monsters.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 3 Demon Bane

Decrease Agility - Decrease the target's agility stat.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 1 Increase Agility

Warp Portal - Opens a portal to a location memorized by the caster using the "/memo" command. Higher levels enable more places to be memorized.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 2 Teleport
--Required for: (Acolyte, Lv 4) Pneuma

Pneuma - Makes target cell and each surrounding cell immune to ranged attacks for the duration.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 4 Warp Portal

Passive Skills[edit]

Divine Protection - Increases Def to Undead and Demon property.
--Required for: (Acolyte, Lv 3) Demon Bane, (Monk, Lv 10) Iron Fist

Demon Bane - Increases ATK against Undead and Demon property.
--Requires: (Acolyte) Lv 3 Divine Protection
--Required for: (Monk, Lv 10) Iron Fist

Skill Builds[edit]

Bare Minimum Support Priest

Changes at Job Level 47 or 48

  • Lv 10 Heal
  • Lv 5 Divine Protection
  • Lv 10 Increase Agility
  • Lv 10 Blessing
  • Lv 1 Ruwach
  • Lv 2 Teleport
  • Lv 4 Warp Portal
  • Lv 1 Pneuma
  • Lv 1 Aqua Benedicta
  • Lv 2 Angelus
  • Lv 1 Cure - Only if you want to get it and go to 48
Battle Build

Change at Job Level 40

  • Lv 10 Demon Bane
  • Lv 5 Heal
  • Lv 5 Blessing
  • Lv 5 Increase Agility
  • Lv 4 Decrease Agility
  • Lv 1 Ruwach
  • Lv 2 Teleport
  • Lv 4 Warp Portal
  • Lv 1 Pneuma
  • Lv 1 Aqua Benedicta
  • Lv 2 Angelus


Skill Quests[edit]

Holy Light - Attacks the target with a ranged holy property attack.

Job Change Quest[edit]