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Enemy Type Plant
HP 55
  • Lv 1 Emotion
  • Lv 1 Fire Attack
Weakness Water & Poison
Items Dropped Jellopy(75%), Rod(0.8%), Sticky Mucus(5%), Apple(11%), Empty Bottle(17%), Poring Doll(0.05%), Orange Juice(0.2%), Drops Card(0.1%)
Map Locations cmd fild06, cmd fild07, cmd fild08, cmd fild09, ein fild08, ein fild09, moc fild01, moc fild02, moc fild07, moc fild08, moc fild10, moc fild12, moc fild13, pay fild04, prt fild08, xmas dun01

Drops, as cute pets, eat yellow herbs.