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Male Hunter (Ragnarok Online).png The Hunter
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Stat Advice[edit]

  • Strength: A Hunter can't really use strength unless his weapon is not a bow.
  • Vitality: A primary source of defense, however you could choose between agility or vitality.
  • Agility: An alternate source of defense (by dodging, of course), and adds to the attack speed. For a hunter, this would be the more favorable defensive stat.
  • Intelligence: Not really necessary as a hunter unless you would like Blitz Beat to do much more damage.
  • Dexterity: The hunter's most important stat is dexterity because it will improve not only his bow's strength, but it will improve the HIT rate as well.
  • Luck: This is a matter of opinion. If you would like the falcon to automatically perform Blitz Beat more, than you must increase luck.

Stat Builds[edit]

A HUNTER has two main official builds in Ragnarok the first one is the DEX/AGI/INT build the second one is the AGI/LUK/INT build more commonly known as the "Blitzer or falcon hunter".This two build will differentiate attack or weapon of a hunter by using a bow or a falcon.

The first build is more concentrated on a bow type weapon,mainly focusing the DEX stat the hunter can simply destroy anything for its high attack and good for leveling alone,also don't sacrifice any stats only dex,agi & int because if you did that's unwise.For the bow starting off as an archer use the "GAKKUNG" because it has a 100 damage next for the hunter is the "HUNTER BOW" because of the 125 damage of the weapon last one is the "IXION'S WINGS" for the snipers its the perfect bow because of the 135 damage and the weight is 30 good for the agi not decreasing weight is useful for attack speed.Now lets go back to the stats start of with dex more than 10 pts stats than agi, AGI is useful for defense because the dodge and the attack speed also to be fast and powerful is a good thing for hunters.Last is the INT for high SP and mainly for the DS(double strafe)skill and other skills.NOTE: This build is used for leveling, PVPing and boss hunts. DEX/AGI is a power house for hunters killing,leveling, or hunting monsters. "A SIMPLE BUT DEADLY" build this is.Hence you will not use your falcon for damage(just use this on large mob of monsters or if your out of arrows use BLITZBEAT skill) but mainly using the DOUBLE STRAFE skill,your final stats is 99dex,80 to 90 agi,and INT of 40 to 50.

The second build I said earlier is the AGI/LUK/INT more commonly known as the "BLITZER" type build.Concentrating on your pet falcon using the skill blitzbeat,this skill pierces the defense of the target and can cast an "AUTO-BLITZ" while you attack the target.The stat you will use for the damage of your falcon is INT this stat has your high SP for your blitzbeat and other skills, LUK will revolve on your auto-blitz,so if you will attack a target you will have much more damage dealing with it.The third is the AGI stat mainly for your dodge and flee so you can dodge if your target gets to close to you or outrun it.This build has a few DEX so use the bow "BALLISTA" instead because you have a low DEX also for the 145 damage of the bow. First start of with a AGI to dodge enough other attacks and flee to run,now for the INT this will calculate your damage of your skill blitzbeat(after you change into a hunter blitzbeat will be your top priority, get any skill that will revolve to your blitzbeat like steel crow,falcon mastery, and beast bane max out those skills)because it will ignore the targets defense.Your final stats will revolve on 50dex,30 to 40 luk,30int and 50agi(i don't sure if this build will help because my character is a AGI/DEX/INT hunter). It's your character; just experiment through playing in Ragnarok.


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Active Skills[edit]

  • BlitzBeat
  • SpringTrap
  • Detect
  • RemoveTrap
  • SkidTrap
  • LandMine
  • ShockWaveTrap
  • SandMan
  • Flasher
  • FreezingTrap
  • BlastMine
  • ClaymoreTrap
  • AnkleSnare
  • TalkieBox

QuestSkill: Phantasmic Arrow

Soul Link skill: Beast Strafing

Passive Skills[edit]

  • Beast Bane
  • Steel Crow
  • Falcon Mastery

Skill Builds[edit]

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Skill Quests[edit]

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Job Change Quest[edit]

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