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Stat Advice[edit]

Soul Breaker Type:

99 str 80 dex agi until 196 int 10

First lets study the damage formula for Soul Breaker: to understand breaker better its better to think of it as two attacks combine into one, a range attack with a magic attack. which is kinda true, you never get double damage from Lex with breaker anyway(only the range damage gets doubled, or if the range damage missed, magic damage get doubled).

Range Damage = (right hand attack X sklv): this part is reduced by target defense and can be flee,it also take advantage of elemental bonus, all %damage increase cards(i.e.hydras), mastery and EDP have 0 effect. However ice pick will have an effect.

Magic Damage = int X 5 X sklv + [random(500-1000)]: no effect from icepick, ignores flee and elements.

so basically: 1 int = 50 damage; 1 str = 10 + ((str/10"rounding down to the nearest 10")^2)/str) damage; 1 dex = 2 damage; strength and dexterity are approx.

therefore whoever post 10 int soul breaker sinX up there is trying to waste your time and money (unless you play private servers).

SB type whice is Sonic Blow:

99 str agi until 196 dex 60 is fine

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