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Stat Advice[edit]

Strength Most Biochemists have little need for Strength, unlike their High Merchant predecessors. It has few uses for this class. You don't even need it to carry things, since you have a pushcart.
Agility Agility provides similar benefits to Biochemists as it does to other classes: less chance to be hit. Still, this is not as important as Intelligence or the like in terms of damage dealing, so this should not be the primary stat.
Vitality Vitality gives the staying power most Biochemists may desire, but such power may also come from a lack of being hit from a high Agility, as well as higher attack speed, where Vitality lacks that extra benefit. A balance may exist between the two, however.
Intelligence Intelligence is the primary (or close to it) stat for Biochemists. Many skills they have are based off of this stat, and as such, it should be quite high for this class, seeing as how Magical Attack/Defense is upped by this stat, and Max SP.
Dexterity Dexterity increases HIT rate, and faster attack rate overall. This makes the stat of prime importance to Biochemists, as a faster attack rate greatly increases damage output. and Biochemists absolutely *must* have this stat upped.
Luck Luck is used as much for Biochemists as it is for Alchemists.

Stat Builds[edit]

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]


Active Skills[edit]

Passive Skills[edit]

Skill Builds[edit]


Skill Quests[edit]

Job Change Quest[edit]


Requirement None
SP used None
Max Level 1
  • Allows use of Homunculus in battle.


Requirement None
SP used 50
Max Level 1
  • Destroys current Homunculus in RO data.

Call Homunculus

Requirement None
SP used 10
Max Level 1
  • If embryo item is present, a new homunculus appears. If already living homunculus, calls homunculus back to the owner.

Resurrect Homunculus

Requirement None
SP used 50
Max Level 5
  • Level 1: restores 1/5 of health when resurrected.
  • Level 2: restores 2/5 of health when resurrected.
  • Level 3: restores 1/2 of health when resurrected.
  • Level 4: restores 4/5 of health when resurrected.
  • Level 5: restores full health when resurrected.

How to Obtain Homunculus

 To Obtain a Homunculus you must create a item called a embryo. which the ingredients can be purchased for 60k 

all together. To make this item you need,

  • Yggdrasil Dew
  • Seed of Life
  • Glass Tube

 In Addition to creation, 
  • Pharmacy level 10
  • Potion Creation Guide
 The homunculus you get is completely random. There is no possible way to tell what the outcome

is when you hatch it. However, If you don't like the homunculus you get; you can make a second embryo and use Rest to kill the first one, then use Call Homunculus to gain the new one. If you still don't like it repeat this over and over again until you get one you like.

Hint: To have the best results in making one of these embryos; it's best to have only luck and dex in your stats.

 Once you hatch your homunculus with the skill Call Homunculus It will become one of 4 pets,
  • Picture Sources from*

- Vanilmirth

- Filir

- Amistr

- Lif

 Each homunculus has different abilities and unique attacks and will come in 2 different kinds.

  • Vanilmirth - This homunculus is based on PURE attack and is great for tanks.
  • Filir - This homunculus is based on attack yet with a few supportive skills this one is also a great tank. However the Vanilmirth is known to be a better one.
  • Amistr - This homunculus is based on PURE defense, known to help its owner more than other homunculus. Not a very great tank for helping others however.
  • Lif - This homunculus is based on PURE healing powers. The only homonculus that has A acolyte-like heal. This one is recommended for people who don't have that much money to afford potions.

Healing the Homunculus in Battle

 To heal your homunculus in battle get potion pitcher level 5. Each level uses a different potion which heals a 

different amount.

  • Level 1: Red Potions
  • Level 2: Orange Potions
  • Level 3: Yellow Potions
  • Level 4: White Potions
  • Level 5: Blue Potions

Evolving Your Homunculus

 Yes you can evolve it. However,you need a item called the Philosophers stone. A very rare item to get. You can 

get it through the following methods,

  • Method 1 - Kill the monsters called Dragon Mutaniod and hopefully it will drop one.
  • Method 2 - Kill the monsters called Gemini and hopefully it will drop one.
  • Method 3 - Go to the dungeon called Thantos Tower and get one very easy (You must pay a fee and to survive it is recommended to bring a level 99 character.).
  • Method 4 - Buy one from a merchant vending IF one vends it. This is usually the easiest method and usually goes for 2.5m zeny.
 Once you obtain this item, your homunculus can evolve. However your homunculus must become loyal Status/Intimacy. 

To find out more about the Status/Intimacy's Read this,

"Source from iRO Wiki"

 Feeding and Intimacy

Much like pets, Homunculus require feeding. Feed the Homunculus when its hunger is between 11~25 to get 1 full point of intimacy. Feeding at the other times will give less than a full point and may even reduce the intimacy. If one forgets to feed the Homunculus, its intimacy will decrease, and it will leave the master if it goes below zero intimacy.

   * 1~10% Hunger - .5 Intimacy
   * 11~25% Hunger - 1 Intimacy
   * 26%~75% Hunger - .75 Intimacy
   * 76%~90% Hunger - (minus) .05 Intimacy
   * 91%~100% Hunger - (minus) .5 Intimacy 

Intimacy is crucial for evolution, obtaining the final skill, and AFKing. Intimacy has not been proven to affect Homunculus stat growth. Intimacy points will not show in the Homunculus window. However for each interval of intimacy points the Homunculus has, the window will show:

   * 0-3= Hate with a passion
   * 4-10 = Hate
   * 11-100 = Awkward
   * 101-250 = Shy
   * 251-750 = Neutral
   * 751-910 = Cordial
   * 911-1000 = Loyal 

Manipulating Intimacy

The player dying, the Homunculus dying, or the Homunculus vaporizing does not affect intimacy. Stressing it (other than using ultimate skills) is the only way that to lower its intimacy. One can stress the Homunculus by not feeding it (hunger < 11) or overfeeding it (hunger > 75).

If the player is away from the computer for a full 24 hours of starving, the Homunculus loses 480 Intimacy (24*60)/3 = 480/24=20 Intimacy lost per hour of starving.

If the player can no longer Call Homunculus or Homunculus Resurrection, then the Homunculus has left its master for good. However, Alchemists are able to create a new Homunculus.

Miranda Blade Artificial Intelligence (MirAI)

 This is a program released for Ragnarok by Miranda Blade. This Program allows advance use of homonculus commands. 

Such as,

  • Auto Potion Pitcher
  • Auto Spells
  • Anti Kill Steal (KS)
  • Aid owner more in battle
  • Auto Cart Revolution, Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Bash (Depends on what weapon you hold and wether you got cart or not.)
 To find out how to install and download this program. Follow the following link and source.

  • Source from iRO Wiki*
 Installing AI

Once AI script is downloaded, go to the default RO directory. This is generally located at C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\AI. Insert the downloaded AI Script into the USER_AI folder and relog or resummon the Homunculus. This should be done every time there is a change in script. While there are infinite possibilities with AI scripts, it is necessary to understand that there are things it can and cannot do. These limitations are what separates it from bots.

 Thats pretty much all you need to know about the Homunculus. Have fun!