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Male Sniper (Ragnarok Online).png The Sniper
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PowerHouse/Dex-Agi Build


str-1 agi+90(base) vit+20(base) int+9(base) dex+99(base) Luck+1

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Active Skills[edit]

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Skill Quests[edit]

Job Change Quest[edit]

If you’re planning to be a sniper your character must be a 99 base lvl and must be a second job also. To start the quest go to JUNO then go to the building located [at yuno 87,322] at the upper left part of the map and talk to Metheus Slyphe (I don’t know the spelling... but you'll find it) and he will request a donation of 1,285,000z. (I think? just save 1.5M to 2M) After the pricey donation has ended proceed north to the "BOOK of YMIR", after reading the book go to the south part and down to the stairs & enter the portal. You will be warped in a labyrinth, once out find the "HEART of YMIR" just click it and you will be transported to the "VALKYRIE HALL, THE HALL OF HONOR". Then enter to the north portal and talk with the Valkyrie (note: you must have no items equipted, no items in your inventory, and no zennies or else the valkyrie will teleport you back to the BOOK OF YMIR!!!). After you finish talking with her, she will change you into a high novice.

You will be given
  • Cotton Shirt x1
  • Knife x4

Once your high novice attain the job lvl of 10 you can change into a high archer. Just go back to Payon where you change into an archer, you don't need to take the job change exam just go and talk to the archer guildsman and he will change you into a high archer. Just level your high archer normally and when your character reaches to job lvl 40 or 50 you can now change into a sniper. Go back all the way to the Valkyrie Hall and talk to the sniper NPC. Just answer yes when asked and she will change you into a Sniper.