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Stat Advice[edit]

It is best recommended to increase INT at first since it increases Magic Attack. Soul Linkers are a combination of priests and mages, obtaining offensive and supportive skills. The casting time, however, is about average. Not too fast yet not too slow. So it is better to increase DEX as well. STR, AGI and LUK, however are not that important anymore. VIT, on the other hand, is a must for some people. But it is recommend you invest in some VIT since it increases your vitality and endurance - especially for HP.

Stat Builds[edit]

Just like what you do to your mages/wizards, you increase more on INT and DEX. But on AGI and LUK, they're up to your decision. Anyway, once you're a first to be SLs (Soul Linkers); just level up what you do to your old taekwons. Then once you've reach the appropriate Job Level, then change to SL right away. Allocate your stats very well, K?

Levels 1~10
  • STR x> 0
  • AGI x> 0
  • DEX x> 20
  • INT x> 40
  • VIT x> 10
  • LUK x> 0
Levels 11~20

INT and DEX are the most important stat for a Soul Linker so focus on building them up. LUK or VIT can be useful to a lesser degree. STR and AGI are not very important to this class so proceed with them in the same manner as with the previous 10 levels.

Levels 21~99
Dagger Soul Linker

Another common build is the dagger soul linker. This is tricky, and relies on a specific weapon: the dagger of counter. It buffs your critical rate up to 90, so good luck will give you a 100% critical chance, minus the monster's LCK/5. Str is the main stat here, to top out damage. DEX is not needed at all, and INT isn't very important, either. AGI helps with ATSP, so it should be increased. The stats are below:

  • STR>70
  • DEX=1
  • INT=1
  • AGI>50
  • VIT>20
  • LCK>30

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