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Stat Advice[edit]

There are a lot of different knight builds, and the two most important aspect are the weapon used (since many knight skills are x-weapon exclusive) and the purpose of the build (PvP, WoE, PvE, etc.)

Two Handed Sword

This is probably the most popular LK build out there among new people (for a reason I do not know). The main focus of this build is 1) Parry and 2) Two Handed Quicken. These two skills alone give you a great advantage over other builds, as Parry blocks 55% of physical attacks, reducing the incoming damage by a great deal, and two handed quicken gives you a great ASPD boost. The main attack skill to use in this case would be Bowling Bash, Berserk, and Bash, depending on the situation. However, I do not recommend this build for PvP and especially WoE, for reasons which I will explain later in this section.

Builds (these stat points are approximate and include any item bonuses)

ASPD build (used for PvM, focuses on normal hitting)

   * 110 str
   * 80-90 agi
   * 50 dex
   * Rest into vit

High Str-BB build (Used for PvP/WoE, focuses on BB damage and berserk)

   * 120 str (130 with bless)
   * 70 dex (80 with bless)
   * 80-90 vit
   * Rest into agi

PvM: This is probably this best type for PvM, and an okay build for MvP. Parry is a great skill to use in many PvM situation instead of shield because of its 55% chance to block ALL physical damage, regardless of property/race. Weapons to use would certainly be a number of +10 Katana[4]s with size/race/property damage boost cards combined well to suit the place you wish to level/kill. (i.e. +10 Quadruple Bloody Katana in Sphinx 5).

PvP/WoE: first thing I will tell you is that I do not personally recommend this type of LK for pvp or woe. The lack of a shield is too great of an effect on damage reduction and trust me, things will hurt a lot in pvp/woe situations, especially woe. However, if you wish dearly to use two handed sword for pvp/woe situation, it is possible.

One Handed Spear

The best thing about using a spear as your main weapon would be versatility. A lord knight has many different spear skills to put to use in all situations – Spiral, Bowling Bash, Pierce, Spear Stab, Spear Boomerang, etc. One weapon that would put every lord knight skill (other than parry/two handed quicken) to use would be a spear. The biggest advantage would be versatility, but the biggest problem would be the low DPS/aspd. It is hard to get a good attack speed using a spear unless one uses a major part of their stat points into agi, which is not recommended at all for pvp/woe. There is no “spear quicken” skill for a lord knight to use, and even if you can deal as much damage in Bowling Bash using a spear as using a sword, achieving the same attack speed is almost impossible. For WoE, almost all spear-only skills (maybe other than spear boom/brandish) are totally useless both strategically and damage wise because of the ranged attack damage reduction and thus the low dps. Personally, I recommend using a spear as a secondary weapon for its versatility, but not as a damage dealer.


Pierce build (used for PvM/MvP mainly)

   * 120 str
   * 60-70 agi
   * 60 dex
   * Rest into vit

Extreme Spiral build (used for PvP/MvP)

   * 30 str (for weight purposes)
   * 80-100 vit (depends on your taste)
   * 80-100 dex (depends on your taste)
   * 30 int (for sp, not necessary but useful)

High Str-BB/Spear Boom build (used for PvP/WoE)

   * 120 str (130 with bless)
   * 70 dex (80 with bless)
   * 80-90 vit
   * Rest into agi

PvM: One Handed Spear is a great type for PvM. Having a shield for reduction as well as a high damage using spear skills is great for any pvm situation, and the low sp cost for most spear skill is also an advantage (compared to BB’s high sp consumption). Setting up one-pierce kills for leveling/hunting is great, and with an AK pike, you deal 9k pierces to large mvps at quite a fast speed (however, not recommended on legacy because of the competition against creators/snipers, and also pierce-mvp is not possible against high-end MVPs.)

PvP: If used well, a spear can become a deadly weapon in pvp. Spiral can hurt low vit characters (i.e. high wizards/snipers) and can hit lock them in one spot for almost a second. Spear Boomerang is extremely useful against all ranged characters and to break cast/cloak with hit delay, and status spears will help you a great deal when combined with boomerang. Spear stab can be used against champs/whitesmiths to repel them away and combine it with spear boomerang. However, you cannot expect high dps with a spear, and you certainly cannot kill a person with high vit and pots, much less so that other LK builds which have higher aspd/dps.

WoE: Do NOT use spear in WoE, if you want to do ANY threatening damage. The only good thing about spiral would be the hit lock and the little range it gives to your attack. You could try BB’ing with a carded pike with high str, or brocca for that matter, but you won’t be able to kill many people with 170 and below aspd. Spears can be annoying in woe, but not threatening. Use spear as a secondary weapon.

One Handed Sword

I’ll tell you straight from the start, that this is the best pvp/woe build (at least imho). You have the advantage of a shield reduction against attacks, while able to one hand quicken and gain high aspd, with the help of a link. You can dish out the highest dps among these three types of builds if you can get ahold of a horn of buffalo. You can tank, deal damage and wreak havoc. However, I have to add that this build may not work in PvM situations unless you’re willing to get a number of differently carded shields and a dedicated linker.

BB and bash are your friends as well in this build. However, keep in mind that you must keep a spear for a secondary weapon, primarily to use spear boomerang and stab in specific situations, as you cannot depend solely on a one handed sword (no range attack other than charge attack which is pretty much worthless in many situations).


High Str-BB-stun immune build (PvP/WoE/PvM)

   * 120 Str (130 with bless, 140 with food)
   * 70~ dex (80 with bless, more with food)
   * 97 vit with food, unless you choose to 97 vit without food, and lowering dex/agi
   * Rest into agi.
  • side-note: Bowling Bash takes into account both attack speed and dex. It has a cast time reduced by dex, just does not show the bar and is uninterpretable.

High Str-BB-aspd build

   * 120 Str (130 with bless, 140 with food)
   * 70~ dex (80 with bless, more with food)
   * 80~ vit (more with food, obviously)
   * Rest into agi.

Emp Breaking Build (not recommended to be honest, debuffs will make you go crazy and useless)

   * 120 str (+ bless and food)
   * 50 agi (+ agi up and food)
   * 60~ dex (+ blessing and food)
   * Rest into vit.

PvM: As I’ve mentioned before, if you can get a dedicated/slave soul linker for you and proper shields, it’ll work. However, I personally prefer two handed swords for PvM purposes.

PvP/WoE: Get a link, one hand quicken, and rape with your skills. Use BB and bash, spear for alternative skills/status/damage. You can get a very high aspd with one hand quicken + a bit of agi + horn of buffalo (optional), and BB at an extreme speed dishing out constant and fast damage. However, you will not be able to kill a tank/high vit character geared properly + potting, you will have to resort to other options which I will explain more in the pvp/woe section of this guide.

MVP: Don’t try to MVP with this build. That’s my suggestion.

Stat Builds[edit]

There are two common, notable Knight builds which use the skills and stat bonuses of a Knight to the fullest. Keep in mind that the builds are not necessarily exhaustive, and are often modified by players to suit their needs; as such, this guide offers a quick overview to help a player decide on their stats. Skills for each build are not necessarily in the order they should be obtained; rather, a player should get the skills in conjunction with stat-building.

Spear Knight (STR/VIT Battering Ram or VIT/STR Tank)[edit]

Stat breakdown

The build focuses on doing slow but steady damage, while decreasing the physical damage obtained when on the receiving end of an attack.

  • High STR is a must, as attack strength is determined by this stat.
  • High VIT goes well with this build, as physical damage reduction and high HP will make a Knight near-invincible.
  • DEX is important as well, as it increases accuracy as well as attack speed.
  • INT would increase one's SP and magic damage reduction, and hence is not really a necessity, but it has its uses.
  • AGI would be raised high enough to be able to do fast enough damage.
  • LUK is of the least concern, as the build does not rely on critical hits and perfect dodges.

Skill breakdown

Get the prerequisites for the skills in the next part of the job tree, as it would be a waste to use Knight skill points on Swordsman skills. Endure is recommended, to ensure that the Knight does not flinch when up against fast-hitting opponents. Increased HP Recovery is essential, so that HP recovers faster when sitting, or even while fighting. Bash and Magnum Break are the offensive skills. Provoke is recommended, as one would be able to do higher damage, and the build is also capable of taking more damage from the opponent. The Mastery skills are not required by the Knight; however, the Sword Mastery is often used, as one-handed swords allow for faster attack speeds and good enough damage.

Knight skills focus primarily on techniques with spears; hence a Spear Knight would have to learn most, if not all, of these skills. Peco Peco ride is useful, as it increases damage done when using spears. Cavalier Mastery is essential, unless you would like to let your attack speed suffer. There is no real point in getting the Two-Handed sword skills.

Equipment breakdown

As a Swordsman, One-Handed Swords are often used, as Spears have slow attack speed.

As a Knight, One-Handed Spears are used, as the high enough STR allows for high damage with an upgraded and properly carded Pike [4]. The free slot also allows for the use of a Shield, which further reduces damage taken.

Two-Handed Spears are often unused, save for Elemental Lances, as the high STR and damage modifying cards would compensate for the lower attack of the Pike. Damage output of an upgraded and carded Pike directly varies with the STR stat, whereas the damage output increase in Two-Handed Spears is not apparent due to lower damage modifiers.

Other equipment should be flexible enough to provide good stat bonuses, as well as damage modifiers.

Two-Handed Sword Knight (AGI/STR/LUK Crit or AGI/STR/DEX Hit)[edit]

Stat Breakdown

The build stresses on hitting hard and fast, while simultaneously dodging an enemy's attacks.

  • High STR is often seen in this build, so that the high attack speed is complemented well.
  • High AGI is another requirement, as it allows for high attack speed and higher Flee Rate for dodging an opponent's attacks.
  • LUK is the next main concern for the Crit variation of the build, as LUK increases both the Critical Hit and Perfect Dodge rates. Crit allows for more damage dealing, and Perfect Dodge complements Flee Rate well. Not necessary for a Hit Knight, as Critical Hits have 100% accuracy.
  • DEX is vital for a Hit Knight, as it focuses on a steadier damage output due to higher accuracy, as well as damage closer to the maximum that can be done with a weapon.
  • VIT is also required, but often compromised for the other stats. One should have a high enough VIT for good DEF as well as good HP.
  • INT is also another compromised stat. One can ignore this, or add a few points for MDEF as well as SP for using skills.

Skill Breakdown

Two-Handed Sword Mastery is obviously needed, so unlock the skill with a point in One-Handed Sword Mastery. Bash as well as Magnum Break are good attacks when used correctly; they are also prerequisites, so one has to get them regardless. Increase HP Recovery is not as good as in a VIT-focused build, but it is still useful. Provoke and Endure are good support skills as well.

As a Knight, one should have Two-Hand Quicken for obvious reasons. Counter Attack is also often learned. Bowling Bash is one of the most powerful physical attack skills, especially when coupled with high ATK. In the end, one may notice an excess in stat points, which are often used in Peco Peco Ride, as well as Cavalier Mastery.

Equipment Breakdown

Two-Handed Swords are obvious. Katana [4] is a favorite for most characters, and the upgraded and carded varieties are favorites of Knights with high STR. Alternatives are Two-Handed Sword [2] and Slayer [3].

Other equipment should be flexible enough to provide good stat bonuses, as well as damage modifiers.

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]


Note: Knights may use all skills they learned as Swordsmen and may continue to select spells from the Swordsman skill list if they so choose.

Active Skills[edit]

Bowling Bash[edit]

Level ATK Distance of Enemy Knockback SP Consumption Skill Delay
1 140% 1 13 0.7
2 180% 1 14 0.7
3 220% 2 15 0.7
4 260% 2 16 0.7
5 300% 3 17 0.7
6 340% 3 18 0.7
7 380% 4 19 0.7
8 420% 4 20 0.7
9 460% 5 21 0.7
10 500% 5 22 0.7

This skills knocks a target backwards, inflicting damage if it hits other enemies. Bowling Bash`s Accuracy is affected by the first target`s position and becomes more effective when its targets are lured into groups. This skill has a 1 second Cast Time, and a 1 second Skill Delay that is affected by the character`s DEX. Bowling Bash cannot be interrupted by attacks.

Brandish Spear[edit]

Level ATK Splash Attack Range SP Consumption
1 120% (1) 12
2 140% (1) 12
3 160% (1) 12
4 180% (1)+(2) 12
5 200% (1)+(2) 12
6 220% (1)+(2) 12
7 240% (1)+(2)+(3) 12
8 260% (1)+(2)+(3) 12
9 280% (1)+(2)+(3) 12
10 300% (1)+(2)+(3)+(4) 12

Brandish a Spear while mounted on a Peco Peco to attack all enemies within range and push them 2 cells backward. The distance of the targets affects the skills damage, as monsters closer to the caster receive more damage. Brandish Spear has a 1 second Cast Time, and a 1 second Skill Delay that is affected by the character`s DEX.

Ragnarok Online/Skills/Charge Attack

Counter Attack[edit]

Level Skill Duration SP Consumption
1 0.4sec 3
2 0.8sec 3
3 1.2sec 3
4 1.6sec 3
5 2.0sec 3

This skill will defend against an enemy`s attack and automatically counter-attack. However, this skill is only effective on enemies that are facing the user. When Counter Attack is activated, a special skill gauge is displayed above the character`s head, and the character cannot move for the skill`s duration.


Level AdditionalATK SP Consumption +Accuracy (%)
1 110% 7 +5
2 120% 7 +10
3 130% 7 +15
4 140% 7 +20
5 150% 7 +25
6 160% 7 +30
7 170% 7 +35
8 180% 7 +40
9 190% 7 +45
10 200% 7 +50

Wield a Spear to attack an enemy with a number of strikes that is determined by the target`s size. Each strike inflicts 200% of the damage of a normal attack. Small size monster: 1 hit (200% damage) Medium size monster: 2 hits (200% damage x 2 hits = 400% damage) Large size monster: 3 hits (200% damage x 3 hits = 600% damage)

Spear Boomerang[edit]

Level Range ATK SP Consumption
1 +3 150% 10
2 +5 200% 10
3 +7 250% 10
4 +9 300% 10
5 +11 350% 10
  • Active
  • Requirements: (Knight) Pierce Lv. 3
  • Mastered at Level 5

Attack a distant monster by throwing a Spear like a boomerang. The weapon`s property affects the attack property. Casting of Spear Boomerang is followed by a 1 second Skill Delay.

Spear Stab[edit]

Level Additional ATK Knockback Range SP Consumption
1 120% +6 9
2 140% +6 9
3 160% +6 9
4 180% +6 9
5 200% +6 9
6 220% +6 9
7 240% +6 9
8 260% +6 9
9 280% +6 9
10 300% +6 9
  • Active
  • Requirements: (Knight) Pierce Lv. 5
  • Mastered at Level 10

This skill causes damage to its target and enemies between the caster and target, and also pushes the target backward.

Two Hand Quicken[edit]

Level Duration SP Consumption
1 30 sec. 14
2 60 sec. 18
3 90 sec. 22
4 120 sec. 26
5 150 sec. 30
6 180 sec. 34
7 210 sec. 38
8 240 sec. 42
9 270 sec. 46
10 300 sec. 50

Temporarily increase Attack Speed when a Two Handed Sword weapon is equipped for the skill`s duration. This skill can be canceled by the Decrease AGI skill or by entering an area on which Quagmire has been cast.

Passive Skills[edit]

Cavalier Mastery[edit]

Level ATK Speed
1 60%
2 70%
3 80%
4 90%
5 100%

By learning this skill, Knights can regain the Attack Speed that is lost when mounted on a Peco Peco. Mastering Cavalier Mastery nullifies Attack Speed reduction resulting from riding a Peco Peco.

Ragnarok Online/Skills/Peco Peco Ride

Ragnarok Online/Skills/Spear Mastery

Skill Builds[edit]


Skill Quests[edit]

Job Change Quest[edit]