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This is the first class you will use when you start the game. Novices have little in the way of special abilities and their job level limit is 10, but they serve only as a temporary introductory class for new players (or a big leveling challenge for older ones). Novices can change to any first job, with the exception of Supernovice, when they have learned all of the Basic Skills.


Stat Advice[edit]

Stat Builds[edit]

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]

There are no job stat bonuses for the Novice job.


Active Skills[edit]

First Aid[edit]

  • Requirements: Job Lv 4 or higher as Novice
  • Quest Skill
  • Active

Gives the character the ability to restore 5 HP using 3 SP. This skill can be obtained through a quest.

Play Dead[edit]

  • Requirements: Job Lv 7 or higher as Novice
  • Quest Skill
  • Active

Gives the character the ability to pretend to be dead. The monster no longer attacks you after being activated. Useful if you are facing a powerful monster or on the brink of death. This skill cannot be used after changing jobs. This skill can be obtained through a quest.

Passive Skills[edit]

Basic Skills[edit]

This skill gives you a new ability at every level.

  • Lv 1: Enables the ability to Trade with other people.
  • Lv 2: Enables Emoticons. - Alt + Number
  • Lv 3: Enables the character to sit. - Insert
  • Lv 4: Enables the character to make a chatroom. - Alt + C
  • Lv 5: Enables the character to join parties.
  • Lv 6: Enables the character to use Kafra storage.
  • Lv 7: Enables the character to create a party. - Type '/organize (Your Party Name)' in the chat console
  • Lv 9: Enables the character to change to their 1st Job and Class.

Skill Builds[edit]


Skill Quests[edit]

First Aid

Consumes 3 SP to recover 5 HP.

Requirements: Novice job lvl 4

To start this quest go to the West Inn in Prontera. Look for the NPC named Nami. She will tell you the required items; 3 Red Herbs, 3 Clover and 1 Sterilized Bandage. You can obtain the Sterilized Bandage from the Nurse Instructor who is located at the east side of the 2nd floor of Prontera Castle. Return to NPC Nami and give her all the quest items to learn this skill.

Play Dead

This skill lets the character fake death to trick aggressive monsters into ignoring him.

Requirements: Novice job lvl 7, First Aid(Skill)

To start this quest go to the Prontera Chivalry in NW Prontera. Look for Prontera Chivalry Member and he will ask you to obtain the Novice Nametag and return from the Nurse Instructor within 10 minutes. After you have talked to him, proceed to talk to the Nurse General located at the North of Prontera City. Return to the Chivalry Member as fast as you can after you have obtained the Novice Nametag. Give the Novice Nametag to the Chivalry Member and you will learn the skill.

Job Change Quest[edit]

There is no Job Change Quest for novices; all characters start in this class.