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Male Supernovice (Ragnarok Online).png The Supernovice
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Female Supernovice (Ragnarok Online).png
Once you become a Super Novice, you cannot change to any other Job or Class. It is permanent!

An alternative to the 1st Job Class is the Super Novice. You must have Base Lv. 45 and Job Lv. 10 as a Novice to change to a Super Novice. The Super Novice can use almost every skill available to 1st Job characters. Exceptions are the Novice Play Dead skill and the ability to equip Bows and Two-Handed weapons. As a result, Double Strafe and Two-Handed Sword Mastery skills cannot be used. 2nd Class skills are not available to a Super Novice.


Stat Advice[edit]

  • Strength: You need strength to help yourself to use melee weapons. Melee Super Novice significantly harder to play.
  • Agility: If you want, you can add your agility to attack faster with any weapons and improve your dodge.
  • Luck: Would you like any critical hits? Add more lucks!
  • Dexterity: You will get high accuracy of hitting if you add your dexiterity, non-miss if you add many many many of them...also decreases cast time by 1/150 each.
  • Vitality: Higher HP to fight, nearly useless for Super Novice
  • Intelligence: Helps your magic attack and higher SP for attacking from using magic attacks.

Stat Builds[edit]

  • AGI: 50
  • INT: 82
  • DEX: 99
  • with right skills & equips.. 220+ flee
  • ct of lvl 10 bolt = .76 seconds

Super Novice Secrets[edit]

  1. Undying Novice: If you get to super novice without ever dying as novice, you get 99 job levels instead of the normal 70 a super novice would get.
  2. Really Super: If a Super novice manages to avoid even one death before job level 70, all stats +15 until death comes. Death counters can be reset via soul linker.
  3. DoriDori: Spam /doridori when sitting to double sp recovery, must be done at least 6x per second and do not stop spamming until sp is finished recovering.
  4. Guardian Angel: Super novice has a special level up angel. At level up, angel bestows buffs on the supernovice.
  5. Undying Love: Randomly and temporarily, a super novice wife will bestow +1 all stats on husband while suffering -1 all stats herself.
  6. The Power of Love: A super novice wife will heal her husband for 2x health.
  7. Super Novice Cart: A super novice's shop cart is special looking.
  8. Never Give Up: Upon reaching 99.0-99.9% exp, when the super novice dies, the angel will appear and refill hp/sp. Also casting mental strength for 20 seconds on the super novice.
  9. Life after lvl 99: Upon reaching lvl 99 a super novice will gain 2000 permanent hp. On the character select screen, whenever the exp reaches multiples of 10 million exp, the super novice can Fury again. Upon reaching 99,999,999 exp, a super novice can Fury any time, also, the super novice will get the instant resurrection from angel when he or she dies. The resurrection will not happen again until after relogging.
  10. Novice Fury: Upon reaching increments of 10.0% exp. the super novice can say his chant and be awarded +50 critical rate and fury status. halves sp recovery. These are the chants (Note: '&' is random text.):
  1. Dear angel, can you hear my voice?
  2. I am (your name) SuperNovice~
  3. Help me out~ Please~ T_T
  4. &
  1. Guardian Angel, can you hear my voice? ^^;
  2. My name is (your name), and I'm a Super Novice~
  3. Please help me~ T.T
  4. &


Active Skills[edit]

The supernovice can learn almost all of the 1st job skills with the exeption of quest skills and skills that requires a bow. The active skills that a supernovice can learn is- Heal Blessing Increase Agi. Runwatch Warp Portal Bash Magneum Break Fire Bolt Frost Bolt Thunder Bolt Frost Diver Fire Ball Fire Wall Thunderstorm Foresight Mammonite .... And a lot of others. The supernovice can go int for acolite and mage skills and str for swordsman and merchant and theif skills.

Passive Skills[edit]

A supernovice can learn all of the passive skills of 1st jobs except for quest skills. Although a supernovice can learn almost all of the passive skills, some could be useless since supernovices cannot hold the right weapons for the skill. The passive skills of supernovices are: Sword mastery, two handed sword mastery, owls eye, vultures eye, and a few others.

Skill Builds[edit]

  • Basic skill lvl 9
  • Provoke lvl 1
  • Improve dodge lvl 10
  • Owl's eye lvl 10
  • Heal lvl 10
  • Increase AGI lvl 10
  • Divine protection lvl 5
  • Blessing lvl 10
  • RU watch lvl 1
  • Teleport lvl 1
  • Increase spiritual power lvl 9
  • Vulture's eye lvl 1
  • Attention concentrate lvl 10
  • Pick either two bolts or any combination of 20 skill points in ATK skills (bolts or thunderstorm).

Equip Build[edit]

Angelic set
  • Angelic protection [1]
  • Angel's kiss [1]
  • Angel's reincarnation [1]
  • Angelic guard [1]
  • Angelic cardigan [1] (dropped by various minibosses)
  • Other: Hypnotists staff [2], Clip[2] ×2
  • Cards: willow, roda frog, eggyra, drops ×2, whisper, thera frog, (siroma/fire imp) ×2


Skill Quests[edit]

Job Change Quest[edit]

Head to Al de Baran and to the Windmill building slightly to the southwest of the map. If you fulfill the following requirements, you will be changed into a Super Novice.

  1. Resin ×30
  2. Sticky Mucus ×30
  3. Base ×45