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Male Thief (Ragnarok Online).png The Thief
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The Thief is the nimble fighter and brigand. In addition to being able to steal, Thieves utilize their nimbleness in battle through dodging and double attacks with a dagger; they can use bows as well. Upon reaching Job Lv 40, a Thief can become an Assassin, wielding katars or two weapons, or a Rogue, continuing to use daggers or bows.


Stat Advice[edit]

As thieves have natural dodging skills, you must increase your AGILITY. This also increase your ASPD and so, the number of Double Attacks per minute increase heavily. You must also improve STRENGTH for attack damage if you're using Daggers/Swords or DEXTERITY if using Bows. Dexterity is also important for accuracy. INTELLIGENCE and LUCK are not recommended, as you have enough SP for your skills and critical attacks override the Double Attack.

So: STR: 4x
AGI: 4x
VIT: 2x+ (Although it's recommend to upgrade VIT only at your second job class)
DEX: 30
LUK: 1
INT: 1

Stat Builds[edit]

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]


Active Skills[edit]


  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

Gives the character the ability to actively steal items from monsters. Drop rates are not affected by this skill. Steal uses 10 SP and the success rate goes higher at higher skill levels and increased DEX.


  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

Attacks the selected target with a chance of inflicting the Poison status. The SP consumption of this skill is fixed at 12. There is also some bonus damage for this skill, which is always inflicted, even if the skill misses. The chance to inflict Poison status and the bonus damage increase with skill level.


  • Requirements: Envenom Lv 3
  • Active

Cures the selected target of the Poison status.


  • Requirements: Steal Lv 5
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

Gives the character the ability to become invisible. You cannot move when this skill is enabled. Hiding uses 10 SP when cast and gradually decreases SP while active. Demon, Insect and Boss monsters can detect Hiding status.

Back Slide[edit]

  • Requirements: Job Lv 35 or higher as Thief or be an Assassin or Rogue
  • Quest Skill
  • Active

Gives the character the ability to instantly move 5 tiles backward. Back Slide uses 7 SP each time it is cast. Good for escaping an enemy or mob of monsters.

Find Stone[edit]

  • Requirements: Thief Job 20 or be an Assassin or Rogue
  • Quest Skill
  • Active

Pick up a stone from the ground. This skill only works if weight is less than 50%.

Throw Stone[edit]

  • Requirements: Thief Job 20 or be an Assassin or Rogue
  • Quest Skill
  • Active

Throw a Stone at an enemy that deals 50 damage. Has a 5% chance to Stun or Blindness.

Passive Skills[edit]

Improve Dodge[edit]

  • Passive
  • Mastered at Lv 10

Permanent increases flee rate by +3 per skill level. Once you become your 2nd job, the bonus becomes +4 per skill level, and Assassins also gain a 1% movement speed bonus per level.

Double Attack[edit]

  • Passive
  • Mastered at Lv 10

Enables you to attack twice simultaneously when equipped with a Dagger. The chance to double attack at Lv 1 is 5%. The chance to double attack at Lv 10 is 50%. Note that an Assassin with two daggers equipped will only have the right hand dagger affected by double attack.

Skill Builds[edit]


Skill Quests[edit]

Job Change Information[edit]

After you hit job level 10. Go to the top-left portal of Morroc, There is a field of pyramids there. You must enter the top left pyramid that is the biggest. There are agrod monsters there so you better be careful. Go to the center of the pyramid and go into between the 2 sticks or its "crotch" It looks sorta like this 규. Then you will find yourself in an odd looking place. Go to the right portal and talk to the girl there, she will say that you need to rob a mushroom farm and you need to get 25 "points" of mushrooms. Orange gooey mushrooms are worth 1 point and Orange net mushrooms are worth 3 points. I advise you get 10 of each. After that, go outside and find the guy named Mr. Irrelevant. He will teleport you to the mushroom farm. Stay away from all monsters and especially the ones named spores. After gatering all, you must go to the very bottom to get out, after, go back into the pyramid and go to the same place and talk to the same NPC. Then you are a thief!