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Once a player reaches Base 99 as well as Job 50, and as long as they are not in an extended class, such as Gunslinger or Soul linker, they are eligible for Transcendence. This is done in the town of Juno, in the Sage Job change area. A player who wishes to Transcend must first pay approximately 1.2 million zeny to the NPC in charge. Then, they must embark onto a sort of mini-quest to find "the Heart of Ymir". After this is done, the player will be transported to Valhalla, where they will be changed from a 99/50 Base class to a 1/1 Novice High/High Novice. Then the player must proceed with building their novice back up from 1/1 to Job 9, where they can turn into their first Job class once again.

Warning: You must turn into whatever class you were before rebirth. Failure to do so will mean that you are unelectable to the Transcendent classes. For example, if you're Transcended as a 99/50 Wizard, it would be wise to become a Mage again. For example, if you became an Archer, you could only become a High Hunter, nothing higher. Once you become a High (Base class)and reach the minimum of 40 Job, you can travel to Vahald once more to finally become a Transcendent class.

Transcendent classes[edit]

The first thing that you'll notice as a Transcendent class is your new sprite. Secondly, you'll be tougher than before, as Transcendent classes have 1/3 more HP/SP. Finally, transcendent classes are slightly different skill-wise. You'll have a few new skills, as well as having access to all of your old skills.

  • Alchemist → Biochemist
  • Bard → Minstrel
  • Blacksmith → Mastersmith
  • Crusader → Paladin
  • Dancer → Gypsy
  • Hunter → Sniper
  • Knight → Lord Knight
  • Monk → Champion
  • Priest → High Priest
  • Sage → Scholar
  • Wizard → High Wizard