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To be able to be quite successful in WoE, you need to have a fairly high amount of people, at least 15+, that come on every WoE at least once a week. Every class is essential. Your guild members need to be strong (as in highly leveled) and especially your guild master, since he calls most of the shots and casts the special skills the guild can do in WoE. For example: Recall, which allows the user to get all of his guild mates to the user's location.

Always keeping suff and pnumea on the wizard line every single time you defend. Keep doing it, until it's not necessary or the guild master decides to stop. The overall outcome should be okay, depending the guild level and the amount of people. A lot also depends on the amount of support and team work, and how efficiently you can perform.


  • Priests: They seem pretty self-explanatory; the priest class pretty much heals and buffs.
  • Wizards: Wizards are used to kill or weaken the enemy while they are coming into the emp room. Guild Masters: Never let all of your wizards cast the same spell. A max should be two wizards for each spell. All wizards should be put together, and should never be apart (usually in a line for Crusaders, more on that below). The wizard line should never stay near the entrance, more around the middle of the room, where they can easily cast at the entrance.
  • Bards: Cast strings to help the wizards.
  • Dancers: Cast slow grace near the portals, so the wizards can put a hurting on the enemies a lot more.
  • Dancers with Bards: When both are together, both dancer and bard go near the portal. The dancer casts slow grace, but with the bard next to her, it turns into classical pluck. Classical pluck makes your opponents and allies not have the ability to use their skills, which is great for the opponents who send their casters (so beware for melee).
  • Sages: Sages cast Magnetic Earth on the wizards to protect them.
  • General Melee: Knights, Crusaders and Blacksmiths – these classes stay around the entrance of the Emp room, the middle of the room and near the emp. They should kill anyone right next to them.
  • Crusaders: Considered a back up healer when necessary, every guild needs is a Crusader. At least one needs to Sac the wizard line, so damage on them is put on the crusader's massive amount of HP.
  • Hunters: Used for trapping up by making ankle snares and shockwaves on the walk up to the emperium. Ankles snares slow down opponents, while Shockwave lets you see the ninjas. For damaging, they should stay slightly farther back from melee and just snipe anyone in range.
  • Rogues and Assassins: Melee fighters than can also stealth. They are the ones in charge of stopping recall from other guild mates, by using stone fling.
  • Monks: They are just like the melee, but you hang low. When chaos, destruction, and horror is right in your face, it's time for them to react. Find the biggest threat (usually the person hitting the emp the fastest) and start killing him. They should use theri g-fist move.
  • Gunslinger: Gunslingers stand by the warp portal and literally hug them with desperado. They should use silver bullets to get those with evil druid cards for some extra punch.
  • Soul Linkers: Links every single character around them and give buffs in the following order:
    1. Other Soul Linkers
    2. Wizards
    3. Bards and Dancers
    4. Assassins and Rogues
    5. Everyone else