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Bows are Twohanded ranged weapons, whose attack is determined by Dexterity instead of Strength.



Guns can only be used by Gunslingers. Their attack is heavily influenced by Dexterity.


Katars are Twohanded weapons (and as such are not affected by the Skills Righthand Mastery and Lefthand Mastery), that can only be used by Assassins or above. They deal damage for both hands and double the wielder's critical rate. The damage dealt by the left hand is always lower than for the right hand. A player who has equipped a Katar and has a Critical rate of 10 has in fact a critical rate of 20% instead of normally 10%

Class Jur
Attack 125
Property Normal
Slots 3
Required Level 18
Weapon Level 2
Refinable Yes
Weight 80
Applicable Job Assassin
Dropped By Martin(0.1%), Old Blue Box(0.20%), Old Purple Box(0.31%)
Description A set of Arabian style blades that are worn on the back of both hands or on the forearms.


Knuckles, also known as Fists or Claws, are used by Monk and Priest classes. Knuckles usually have low to medium damage, but one of the best base attack speeds available. However, claws have a undesireable size modifier, and are often skipped over in favor of Maces.

Names Level Attack Weight
Combo Battle Glove 3 30 50
Horn of Hillslion 3 95 60


Musical Instrument[edit]

Musical Instruments can only be used by Bards



Shuriken can only be used by Ninjas



Two-handed Spear[edit]

Two-handed Staff[edit]

Two-handed Sword[edit]


Whips can only be used by Dancers

Blade Whip
Blade Whip
Class Whip
Attack 140
Property Normal
Slots 0
Required Level 30
Weapon Level 4
Refinable Yes
Weight 120
Applicable Job Dancer
Dropped By Parasite (0.01%)
Description A wire in which blade fragments are interwoven, making this whip as sharp as a sword. Has 3% chance of causing Bleeding effect on enemies with each attack.