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Island 8: Magical Island[edit]

Rainbow Islands map Island 8.png

After having acquired all seven large diamonds, you are presented with the first of three new islands. Like the fifth island, all three of these islands are theme islands. This island is based upon The Fairyland Story, a game which was the spiritual precursor to Bubble Bobble. The game is represented by many of the enemies, as well as the background music. There's no sign of the main character Ptolemy, but every item, hidden or visible, is a 3000 point cake, reminiscent of Ptolemy's ability to transform enemies into cake. Despite the cosmetic changes, your strategy to complete this island should be no different than for the previous islands. Don't stop hunting for the seven small diamonds, as you need the mirrors found at the end of the next three islands in order to get the true good ending.


Round 29 Round 30 Round 31 Round 32
Rainbow Islands map Island8-1.gif Rainbow Islands map Island8-2.gif Rainbow Islands map Island8-3.gif Rainbow Islands map Island8-4.gif


Orcs Wizards
Rainbow Islands enemy kanroo.png
Rainbow Islands enemy kanroo angry.png
Orcs bounce along various platforms, trying to get closer to Bubblun or Bobblun
Rainbow Islands enemy gnome.png
Wizards pace back and forth on particular platforms, occasionally stopping to blast a wave of magic across the screen.
Bishops Spectres
Rainbow Islands enemy bishop.png
Rainbow Islands enemy bishop angry.png
Bishops float back and forth on clouds at certain heights, and summon small copies of themselves that ricochet off platforms. They also drop flames to the ground below. If you get too close to them, they attempt to escape by climbing higher.
Rainbow Islands enemy ghost.png
Rainbow Islands enemy ghost angry.png
Spectres fly in straight directions, right through platforms in an effort to stop you.
Golems Caterpillars
Rainbow Islands enemy golem.png
Rainbow Islands enemy golem angry.png
Similar to Orcs, Golems bounce from one platform to another. However, they may stop and toss two bombs out in either direction.
Rainbow Islands enemy caterpillar.png
Caterpillars fly up from the lower left or lower right corners, and arc upward through the screen before falling back down to the middle, ignoring all platforms along the way.
Rainbow Islands boss demon.png

Boss: Demon[edit]

The boss of this island is a large version of the demon that appears in Fairyland Story when you take too long to clear a screen. This version of the demon moves very much like the Helicopter boss of the second island, but faster. He horizontally from side to side, occasionally adjusting his height before resuming his movement. From time to time, he stops and throws his blue pitchfork across the screen. In order to fight him effectively, try lure him to the bottom so that you can get up above him, create some rainbows, and crush them on him before you get out of the way when he rises back up. Then repeat the process. It's important to give yourself enough time to move out of the demon's path; don't wait until the last second or you will have no room to get clear (unless you have the wings and can climb even higher than the platforms allow.)

Island 9: Darius Island[edit]

Rainbow Islands map Island 9.png

The second of the three final islands is an homage to Taito's horizontal shooter, Darius. The typical cartoon inspired enemies and backgrounds are replaced with slightly more realistic images found in Darius. Every round is full of enemies that have made the transfer from shooter to platform game. Surprisingly, the Darius Islands feature the most unique set of enemies that you have faced on a single island. The background music also comes from one of the stages in the Darius series.


Round 33 Round 34 Round 35 Round 36
Rainbow Islands map Island9-1.gif Rainbow Islands map Island9-2.gif Rainbow Islands map Island9-3.gif Rainbow Islands map Island9-4.gif


Rainbow Islands enemy hopper.png
Rainbow Islands enemy hopper angry.png
Hopping robots jump along the platforms, and occasionally stop to shoot a trio of bullets that fan out for a short distance.
Rainbow Islands enemy floater.png
Rainbow Islands enemy floater angry.png
These squid like float back and forth at certain heights, dropping energy bombs below. They rise up if you get too close.
Rainbow Islands enemy car.png
Rainbow Islands enemy car angry.png
The car shaped vehicles patrol back and forth along particular platforms, and fire lasers from the turret mounted on their roof.
Rainbow Islands enemy rtank.png
Rainbow Islands enemy rtank angry.png
The ships that resemble helmets behave a lot like cars, firing orbs of energy forward while they move about.
Rainbow Islands enemy glider.png
Rainbow Islands enemy glider angry.png
Assault ships spin on to the scene, flying on vector to collide with your current position.
Rainbow Islands enemy gun.png
Rainbow Islands enemy gun angry.png
Turrets remain stationary, attached to the underside of particular platforms, and fire in whatever direction they face.
Rainbow Islands enemy saucer.png
Rainbow Islands enemy saucer angry.png
As one might expect, the orb shaped enemies bounce off of various platforms continuously. Every now and then, they stop and fire six bullets outward.
Rainbow Islands enemy chaser.png
Rainbow Islands enemy chaser angry.png
The space craft with flapping wings fly onto the scene, and stop to shoot a bullet at you before flying again and repositioning itself for the next shot.
Rainbow Islands boss Darius.png

Boss: Electric Fan[edit]

The Electric Fan moves in a similar manner to the Dracula boss on Monster Island. It moves a short distance towards you, then stops to attack. When it attacks, it fires a few laser beams, as well as releasing for small ships. If the ships hit any of your rainbows, they mutually destruct. You can lure the Electric Fan to any portion of the screen and then attack from above. Just don't allow the boss to corner you, or you won't be able to safely escape.

Island 10: Bubble Island[edit]

Rainbow Islands map Island 10.png

This is it, the final island of the entire game. And it is an homage to none other than the precursor to Rainbow Islands itself: Bubble Bobble. For the next four rounds, you will be rising up through iterations of various Bubble Bobble themed stages, connected in one contiguous tower. Naturally, the music and enemies will change to that of Bubble Bobble. However, rather than having a peaceful state and an angry state, the enemies in Bubble Island are always angry. Bubbles rise from the bottom of the screen throughout each round. You can jump on them and ride them up to the top. Don't rest easy when you defeat the boss in Round 40. He will soon reveal his true form. Do you have what it takes to receive the true good ending? You'll have to make sure you don't miss out on collecting all seven small diamonds if you want to see it.


Round 37 Round 38 Round 39 Round 40
Rainbow Islands map Island10-1.gif Rainbow Islands map Island10-2.gif Rainbow Islands map Island10-3.gif Rainbow Islands map Island10-4.gif


Zen-chan Banebou
Rainbow Islands enemy zenchan.png
Zen-chans walk around on platforms, shooting small bubbles out of their mouth in whatever direction they face.
Rainbow Islands enemy banebou.png
Banebous bounce along each platform in an effort to catch Bubblun and Bobblun.
Mighta Hidegons
Rainbow Islands enemy maita.png
Mightas jump around and summon large boulders which they send rolling along platforms.
Rainbow Islands enemy hidegons.png
Hidegons wander about, spitting twin fireballs across the screen. Each fireball is capable of destroying rainbows independently.
Pulpul Monsta
Rainbow Islands enemy purupuru.png
Pulpuls ricochet off of all the platforms, dropping bombs below them while they move about.
Rainbow Islands enemy monsta.png
Monstas ricochet off the platforms, and occasionally stop to fire six white copies of itself out in a circle.
Invader Drunk
Rainbow Islands enemy invader.png
Invaders zip quickly back and forth, firing lasers down to the bottom of the screen.
Rainbow Islands enemy drunk.png
Drunks wander back and forth on platforms, occasionally stopping to toss six beer bottles out in a circle.

Boss: Boss of Dark Shadow[edit]

Rainbow Islands boss dino.png

This giant dinosaur in armor wanders back and forth across the screen at a particular height. Like Bub and Bob in their previous game, this dinosaur can spit bubbles from his mouth, and if this bubble happens to catch you, it's game over (if you're down to your last life). Avoid the bubbles at all costs by moving continuously. Get your attacks in whenever the opportunity presents itself. Once you reduce his health to zero, the fight is only getting started.

Rainbow Islands boss shadow.png

The true form of the boss is revealed, and it's a giant Skel, the white monster who would appear on the screen in Bubble Bobble when you took too long. Skel doesn't attack with bubbles, but he moves quite fast. He alternates between moving horizontally and vertically. Once you destroy him, a giant wand will fall from the sky. Don't take too long collecting it, because the pool of blood when "Hurry Up!!" appears is an instant game over. Assuming you also managed to collect all seven giant diamonds, and each of the three mirrors, you will be treated to the best ending in the game. Congratulations!