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Secret Rooms[edit]

If you collect each of the small diamonds on an island in order, either from left to right (red to violet), or right to left (violet to red), a silver door will appear at the top of the room with the boss. If this door is available, you can skip the fight against the boss and collect that island's big diamond behind the door. You will also be awarded a special item which usually grants you some special power that will last until the end of the game, even if you die. For even more points, defeat the boss as you normally would, collect the large diamond, and then enter the silver door before the game advances you to the next island, where you can collect a second copy of the same diamond for a higher score.

Secret Codes[edit]

At the top of each secret room are a series of letters. These letters are codes that you can enter on the title screen for a secret effect (during the animation of the rainbow). Each letter is an instruction that you must enter on the control panel. L, R, U, and D correspond to pressing left, right, up, or down on the joystick. J is for jump and B is for rainbow. S is for start (the 1 player button). Only one code may be in effect at any given time. When you insert a coin, an item corresponding to the last code used will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. With the exception of the first three hint codes, the codes have all been changed in the Extra version of the game, and are much harder to discover (read the explanation below to learn more.)

Code Extra Code Effect
BLRBJSBJ SLLSRJRR Permanent fast running
RJSBJSBR JLSSSBRJ Permanent double rainbows
SSSLLRRS BRSLJSLJ Permanent fast rainbows
BJBJBJRS BJBJBJRS Hint A (see below)
LJLSLBLS LJLSLBLS Hint B (see below)
LBSJRLJL LJLRSJJJ Continue after 5th Island
RRLLBBJS LLSBRRJB All hidden items are money bags (10000 pts)
RRRRSBSJ RSJRLBRS Continue after 5th Island and all hidden items are money bags.
SJBLRJSR SJBLRJSR Hint C (see below)
SRBJSLSB BBSSJJJJ 10 million points
n/a BBJJRLSL Hint D (see below)
n/a LRSLRSJR Hint E (see below)
n/a SBJLSBRR Hint F (see below)

Game Hints[edit]

There are six hints that the game provides, three hints in the regular version, as well as three new hints in the Extra version. To obtain the hints, you must either find the sceptres that are responsible for making them appear, or you may enter the secret codes on the title screen that reveal one hint.

Hint A The Riddle of the Shilver[sic] Door: If you collect 7 little diamonds in order red, orange, yellow...., the secret shilver[sic] door of the boss-room will appear!!
Hint B The Secret of the Big Diamonds: If you collect 7 little diamonds, you will find a big diamond. This is the key to the miracle power. Anyhow, let's clear the 7th world...
Hint C The Riddle of the 3 Mirrors: After the first miracle, get the 3 mirrors in another world! Then the 2nd miracle will happen. Anyhow, let's clear all round!!
Hint D (translated from Japanese) Once you've gone through all 10 hidden rooms you'll get 5,000,000 points if you've continued, if you didn't have to continue you'll get 10,000,000 points. It's even more economical to go through without getting any power-ups (1 - 9)! You can get 1,000,000 points in hidden rooms 1 - 9, and if you don't get any power-ups in any of the rooms from 1 to 9, you'll get 50,000,000 more points! If you take complete 40 levels without codes or power-ups, then you'll get an extra 3,00,000 points! Try for 100,000,000!
Hint E (translated from Japanese) The secret codes have all changed! There are 13 in all! Each secret room will display the first character, as well as one other character, and all the rest will be hidden. The other character that will be shown is related to the color of something. Solve the secret code in Hint F!
Hint F (translated from Japanese) Powerups are related in some way to the color of something in particular. If you figure it out, you'll have tons more fun planning your strategies and fighting! Break the password!


Cracking the last two hints[edit]

The password provided in Hint F is actually the (Japanese) names of all the enemies from Bubble Bobble, with one letter missing. They break down as follows: PUPUL/BNEBOU/HIDEGON/M

Hint F name Real name Missing letter
PUPUL Pulpul L
BNEBOU Banebou A
HIDEGON Hidegons S
MONSA Monsta T
RUNK Drunk D
NVADER Invader I
MIGHT Mighta A

The answer to Hint F is "LASTDIA". In other words, the color of the last diamond that you collect on an island before entering the secret room will determine which of the seven remaining characters in the code will be shown. In order to get the complete code for each of the Extra secret codes, you must complete each stage seven times, collecting a different small diamond last before reaching the boss and entering the silver doors.